Hello friends…

Florida Tribal Quest Summit 5-6-17

I am waving at you from sunny and hot Florida! I am over half-way through with my dance marathon–woot woot! A very intensive week and a half so far.. we are talking ten hours of dancing every day… and it has been so awesome, so enlightening, so rewarding… to meet new dancers, see many familiar faces, gather with my global tribe, and share all I have to share… I love teaching and coaching so much… I have lived a full life and have s much to share and offer…nothing makes my heart happier than to see smiles of delight and acknowledgment on others as they grow and blossom and have their a-ha moments, their new connections with others, as they dive into doing something beautiful and special for themselves.

Self-love and self-care at its highest… taking workshops, spending time with themselves and their friends, laughing, and even crying… that’s what I’m talking about…

Even their frustrations, yes there have been a few breakdowns, and beating oneself up goes on and on…

Why is that friends? Why must you be so hard on yourself sometimes? Why is it do difficult to honor yourself and where you are right now, today? Who is judging you besides you? Who is beating you upside your head with a stick? Who told you you sucked? Well…get rid of them! Look at what you have achieved so far. Look at your opportunities.

Feel the blessings… and allow them to rain down upon you… that is so good…

I love living and learning, as I continue to study and evolve and revolve around my life, and sometimes it takes a long time to fully grasp what I want to know (even though I might want it right now!)…but instead of letting it get me down, or embarrass me, or allowing myself to wallow in self-pity or self-loathing, I take the time to see where I am right now and, wow, I am pretty damn amazing, if I may say so myself!  🙂

I allow myself to be just where I stand right now, and open up to receive more, as it flows. Plus I am super honest with myself, where I truly am, and what I want to work on to get to where I want to be. If I had it all now, well then, that might be pretty dang boring. I let my path be full of richness and excitement and small and large rewards. I don’t blame anyone else for the goings on in my life for I am my own creator. I design my life. And I do what feeds me and find how I can feed others.

Life is full of lessons… I continue to learn how to teach better, how to give better, how to live better and fuller and richer. I take super great care of myself, especially on these dance and teaching marathons, making sure I have “me” time, taking great care to eat well and healthy. I get up early to meditate, journal, and run every morning — with this amazing sunrise here in Florida and the baby owls I visit every morning–they fill my heart with beauty and wonder — so that I can be prepared for my day and what comes my way. I walk forward with intention and love!

With so many blessings…

and to you, my friends, may you continue to find joy and passion on your journey!




What’s coming up?

It’s time for another cleanse challenge! Some of you have done this before with me… some of you might feel ready to do some detoxing, and cleanse your system, to feel fresh and light, to gather your energy, to kick into eating good healthy foods, to change your eating habits, to lose a few pounds, and just lighten up!
I have been using Purium products now for over a year, with a few 10-day Transformational Cleanse in my year, plus the daily fabulousness of the Core 3… we will start our group cleanse around May 17th… give or take a few days… if you are interested in joining us and kicking up your body, health, and life…fuel, cleanse, energize, and feeling great…that is what life is all about! PM me and I can help you with info and see what you are desiring now… Join us! Let me know, I can get you signed up, get your products ordered, in time for you to join us! You ready? Reply back to me and let’s do this together!

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