Move that body…

Three  keys to quickly change your state!

As I sit in front of my computer, I know that I need to get up about every hour, if not more, to move and shake and dance and walk, whatever feels right at the moment, to lift my spirit, to get unstiff, to breathe deep and change my energy. I also hear from my peeps quite often that they don’t know how to move or what to do to change their energy. Some of you out there haven’t stretched or danced in quite a long time. In one of my dance classes recently an middle-aged woman said,”Wow, that was so much fun, I haven’t danced like that since I was in college!” And I said Wow, too… that’s not right! But we forget, or don’t take the time, or get lazy… eat another bag of chips and watch another round of Law and Order on the telly…

So I say to you, now…

  1. Get up!  Off the couch, away from the desk, out of the kitchen or laundry room, leave facebook, whatever you are doing… just get up and move away from what you are doing, especially when it is not feeling good at this moment….then breathe! Slow and deep…

What next?

  1. Well…what do you enjoy doing with your body? Now is the time to shake it up, shake that negative stuff off, smooth it out and move!  Walking–get out in the sun (or rain or whatever), running(my go to), an ass-kicking workout at the gym (get a new trainer), swimming in the lake, stretchy yoga, crazy wild dancing or a slow sweet body love warmup, pulling weeds ( really?!) and cutting flowers, going to get lunch( yes, remember to eat something refreshing and delicious).

What makes you feel good and what ways do you enjoy moving? If you aren’t sure, now is a good time to experiment, and take a class you’ve been nervous about taking (bellydance anyone? 🙂 ), or grab a friend for a walk. But get UP and change that stuck energy… you need to move that body to get your heart pumping, your blood running, your energy flowing and your spirit lifted. Allow yourself 5-30 minutes and shake off what was bringing you down, what you’ve been working on for too long. Release those thoughts, and any limiting beliefs about your body and movement (like, oh, I can’t dance), and move into your body. Put on some tunes. Feel how delicious this new energy is, how it can make you smile and how quickly you can change your state.

  1. Full on gratitude, my friends! Thank your body, thank yourself, for doing it, for trying something new, for pushing through and going out and doing it. 5 minutes or 30, no matter, you did it. And…the outcome?

You can change how you feel in seconds. You have to start first, without thinking too hard about what comes after that. Get up and MOVE, now…Feeling great feels so freakin’ great. Why not want to feel this way all the time?

This is only the beginning of making those other changes you’ve been wanting to make, to really feel great in your skin, to move with ease, to feel the curves and bends and even the stuck places in your body. You can change it, you can decide to take more action, you can commit to feeling great every day. When your body feels good, you are more connected with it, more in alignment with your own beauty and power, more positive, and you can now envision how much better you can feel when you can do this all the time. How awesome will that be? What else is possible?… Are you ready to move? And are you ready for more?

What else is possible?… Are you ready to move? And are you ready for more? Try these 3 steps and let me know how it goes… there’s lots more where that came from!

Thanks for trying that out, my friends. Be the super powered bad ass that you are! Get moving and get living…







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