Heart and Hustle: Visionary Healers, Movers, and Shakers!

today with guest photographer Mira Zaki! Episode #21

Wow… that was so fun to interview Mira, this super-powered, insightful empathic photographer from New York City!

Who love to empower women through taking their photos! Have you had your photos taken lately? Was it a great experience? Did you love your pics?

I recently had a great experience, again, getting my photos taken, again… you know, new hair, new ideas, fresh face,  presenting oneself to the public, as I do all the time. Opening up to being vulnerable, to showing up in person, for real! I always want to know who I’m dealing with, even online, I love to see the person behind the product, and I love to support other women entrepreneurs in their businesses too… Always have, from early dancing days, when I would support up and coming seamstresses and designers for costumes, to musicians needing to sell their CDs, to artists selling their creations, to just about anything! And I’ve been on the other side too, where I was hoping what I did would bring someone else joy and love and that they too would pay me for my services ( photographer, massage therapist, tarot reader, healer, writer, dancer, teacher, ohhh, that list goes on, I have had many fabulous careers).

And as a leader, teacher, tribal hostess, I continue to support, encourage, get excited over, seeing what others are doing with their creative eye, their business mind, their desire to spread love and joy…

And here is Mira! What a refreshing take, and also taking a stand for what she believes and wants to spread around the globe!

Enjoy our conversation, bring her to your part of the world for more photographs and have fun, my friends, show yourself to the world!


Many thanks for being here with us,

Have a great week!




More about Mira!

This is MIra’s schedule for a free consultation: https://mirazakiphoto.acuityscheduling.com/schedule.php


Twitter/Instagram/Pinterest @mirazakiphoto

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