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Last Call to join us,
just in case you were on the fence, not quite sure if you wanted to move forward into your zone of genius!
But if you are ready to jump in, take that leap, and make those changes you’ve been wanting, or
more importantly,
discover what it is you really want, because you aren’t even sure anymore…

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Illumination :: the Mastermind…

we start our six-month journey tomorrow, with some powerhouse women ready to make some changes, step up more fully into their lives, release old stuff,
and take that big leap into their abundant life! 

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Because you can still join us up to midnight tonight, Saturday, as we have our first call and session tomorrow…
I am so excited to have this starting, to be able to bring this to you, and to help you break down your walls, break through your limiting beliefs and really own those dreams and desires…
this is what we do!

Illumination… to live lit up!

And if you are ready to step fuller into yourself, and you want some collaboration, support, guidance, AND you are willing to commit to your biggest, fullest, most successful and loving self, you might want to join me in our six-month mastermind coming up,
starting this weekend, January 7th!!!

I still have only a few spots available, as we are an intimate group of women, badasses, if you will, ready and willing to commit to living full-on, taking the big leap to get to your own zone of genius, and finally do those “things” that have been aching inside your heart to be let out. Just like my new poetry book, Breaking Down the Walls... time to bust out my friends, and go full force.

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Register here for Illumination! Six months… you’ve got this!

and the best to your growth and happiness, always…


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