Heart and Hustle: Visionary Healers, Movers, and Shakers
with Paulette Rees-Denis
and guest Sirena Pellarolo
Episode #28

Hello my lovelies!

I am delighted to bring you this amazing Argentinian goddess today, Sirena Pellarolo. She is such a beautiful, colorful woman, full of energy and passion for the work that she brings to the world. Plus she has a lot of fun doing it. Great work that she brings to firey women some tools for living more lovingly on this planet! Women’s empowerment has been a passion of hers from early on, moving on to becoming a professor, and more expansion after healing herself through menopause, she rebooted herself into a happier lifestyle through food! Then total reinvention for herself and that is what she brings to her clients, along with many other aspects of health and healing and movement. A sister in healing and dance! Woo hoo…

She calls herself the Midlife Midwife and a Holistic Healer. She is also the Co-author of Menopause Mavens: Master the Mystery of Menopause. Enjoy our conversation and get inspired…


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More about Sirena!

Dr. Sirena Pellarolo  is a board certified Holistic Health Coach, international author and speaker, radio host and blogger. As a Midlife Midwife she takes a holistic approach to support women in midlife to move through transitions in an empowered and natural way and rebirth into a vibrant and fulfilled second half of their lives.
Sirena’s mission is to start a movement of Wise Women on Fire and together midwife a more loving, egalitarian and cooperative way of being on this Planet. Towards this end she has facilitated Wise Women’s Talking Circles for decades, based on the Native American Elders’ Councils format. She has been following the Red Road of Indigenous spirituality for over a decade and  is inspired by the example of  First Nations’ movement for self-determination throughout the Americas.
Dr. Pellarolo is Professor Emerita of Spanish and Latin American Cultural Studies. She has authored and published numerous articles and two books on Latin American performance and gender studies, globalization and new social movements. She is co-author, among others, of Menopause Mavens: Master the Mystery of Menopause (2015). Her forthcoming Recover Your Juiciness: A DIY Guide for an Empowered and Healthy Midlife will be out in Spring 2018.

Enjoy and may your live full on and large, with so much vitality and joy…

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