Heart and Hustle with me, Paulette Rees-Denis,

and our fun guest, Jen Violi, writer, writing coach, author, sparkly word connecter, on episode #34

Hello hello hello,

I am so delighted to bring you Jen Violi, because she is so freakin real when she writes, bringing vulnerability to the forefront, with insight and humor.  Her book is called Putting Makeup on Dead People!  Wow… awesome name and book… She writes essays for a variety of magazines, and has weekly love letters. Plus she mentors other writers by making sanctuary for their stories, guiding other writers in their work.

And what about that rosemary popcorn?! And the original detective of joy…what a great description of what Jen does!

Enjoy our talk and let us know what you think! Post in the comments below…

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More about Jen…

Jen Violi is the author of Putting Makeup on Dead People, a BCCB Blue Ribbon Book, finalist for the Oregon Book Awards, and shortlisted for the PNBA and Oregon Spirit Awards.

As a mentor, editor, and facilitator, Jen helps writers unleash the stories they’re meant to tell, from blogs to websites to award winning books.

With advanced degrees in theology and creative writing—devoted to creating sanctuary for stories and their humans—for twenty years Jen has facilitated retreats and workshops and mentored and nurtured hundreds of writers as they find their voices, hone their manuscripts, and take creative leaps and plunges.

Jen is a columnist and regular contributor for Sweatpants & Coffee and has been a featured presenter at The Louisiana Book Festival, Wordstock, the Antioch Writers’ Workshop, A Frock-alicious Life is Calling, and the Saints & Sinners Literary Festival.


Jen also has a patreon page!   Go here to support…https://www.patreon.com/jenvioli

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