I am here to bring you, from the Body to the Page, and back again. Into your body. So that you can dance with your desires, to, as I say, Illuminate your path, with tools of action, ideas, and delight. To dance with your desires…

What is it you are desiring now, dear one? To bring you to the place of movement, momentum, and bits of magic?

To live with that vision and awareness of everyday magic, seeing and believing in the awesomeness that you truly are, to bring prosperity, satisfaction of everyday flow, while allowing yourself to receive,

but then to move that out from your womb, into fertility, birthing your dreams, flowing, sometimes with the current, and sometimes those stops along the way knock you down, yet, you pick up, swimming into your zone of creativity, of genius, of your sexy, sensuous abundant fertile self…

While the dance of your life flows and expands down through the tributaries of your own river, the river of life, your place of removing the logs that have stopped up your flow, unleashing the dam, letting the raging currents burst through. 

You know that feeling, yes?

When you are split wide open, gushing with possibilities, knowing that it is your choice, and you can feel, acknowledge, and pass through the vulnerability and the sacred rawness of your heart and soul, to recreate yourself, bringing the new life with powerful decisions, your choices, dear one.

What a beautiful powerful place to be, ready for possibilities, open for tools for action, now is your time. Do this… make this your time, my friends. And share your light with the world…

Elevate and Illuminate! Illumination the Mastermind…

If you are ready to burst open, and allow the flow, take action, make choices, and want guidance … that is where I come in, as your guide, your transformational coach, and surrounded, virtually, by other women moving into their own sacred rawness, opening up and deciding to get that connection of support, to start this new year with choices, envisioning what can be. And making it happen! 

Join us… 3-month Mastermind, starting January 12th…

Deadline to register is December 28th!

Do you know someone who would love to read this, and join us? I appreciate you sharing me with your tribe, your friends! Thank you…

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