Just what is a mastermind?

Lots of masterminds floating about the internet these days… and they are one of my favorite ways to connect with you, my clients, you women, who are ready to make a change…

Masterminds can be anything from a one on one session, to a ½ day VIP session, to a weekend workshop intensive (like my Illumination Women’s retreat to Mexico a few weeks ago) to a month-long or a year-long gathering of people on the same track and who are making things happen in their world.

Simple…to make a change…

In my upcoming Illumination…Elevate and Illuminate …Mastermind, starting May 22nd…

that is the simplest way to say what we do in our intimate creative gathering, online, for women, to join in the magical circle, the support group, the mastermind…

To make a change…for your freedom, for more money, and to remain in your creative zone of genius!

Now. Because this is your time.

You desire to be a mover, a shaker, a writer, healer, dancer, artist. You are a mid-career woman and want to clarify, connect, and get concrete action steps toward your dreams and aspirations. We all have basic human needs, and connection is so important, so tribal, so inspiring. To be surrounded by peers, of like-minded women, who are doing it, moving themselves up, who understand what you are feeling.

What IS your superpower?

Let’s go from moving from your, “ you alone” state, to the abundance you desire, and you deserve! In our circle of wisdom, support, and accountability. And feel so good about your desires and your purpose!

By giving you support, tools, and actionable steps, I help you define your priorities, because you may be a DSOL ( does lots of shit!) person, like me, and let’s release what’s holding you back, (oh, those old stories!), and stand up for accountable action. Accountability, baby… no more slacking and sitting back on the couch! Time to get moving…

Do you feel like your dreams are unconventional? A bit rebellious? Different than the norm? Ha, I know all about that. From fashion school, to art school, to playing in and managing rock bands, to producing in person retreats for 25 years, and playing on and recording musical CDs, to being a tattoed bellydancer, to teaching videos and online classes, writing and publishing 3 books, starting a global trademarked dance style, traveling the world, oh baby, and so much more from this little rebel chick…  but you don’t have to do it the hard way. I did that for you! You can learn and work with me to sidestep the crap, and level up to where you want to be. Because you are smart and creative and you are ready to show up and do the work, fly your freak flag, ready to release those old money blocks, get some adventure on the way! And do the work!

Mix that with some loving woo, because I love to take you on deeper healing, inner journeys as well as outside… mixing the practical, the tactical, with the woo! Think personal connection and reflection, body love, and envisioning all that you can be. Then we take self-care to the utmost importance and get more practical strategies to bring it all into fruition for you, and make it happen!

What are you waiting for? For your freedom, for more money, and to remain in your creative zone of genius!

Join my Illumination Mastermind now for 3 months…

jumpstart to action and success in 90 days…

How’s that sit with you? Exciting? Ready? Transformation…

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I have space for 10 creative women, ready to move forward,

with more skills and tools and clarity, with excitement, power, and fun too…

Oh yes, this is your life, and let’s make the journey exciting and productive.

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Here’s to you and your future wowness and success!

so much love for you, I look foward to having you in our gathering circle!

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