Where are you in your dance teacher role or your dance career? Are you looking for that “new” thing to add to your repertoire? Want to start teaching something different? Or just start teaching?

Starts Saturday June 8th!

Divine Feminine Fitness… using lovely curvy bellydance styled moves and more… honoring our womanly bodies and juicing them up with super-powered grooving tunes and moves!

Something upbeat, new, super fun, kinda sexy and powerful for women…Tribal Grooves Teacher Training coming up…online… this is only the second time I’ve offered this online! Pretty excited about that…I’ve been teaching it in person for about five years. And besides certifying teachers, I now have certified Master Teachers around the globe!

Pretty freakin cool! and I LOVE this dance… based on my Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance… but geared toward women who just want to come to a dance class, have a great workout, feel really good in their bodies, feel more feminine, get fitter, laugh, enjoy the moves and the music!

And I’m looking for more teachers to spread the love! And finally I can do this for you online…

It’s about a week long course, but you don’t have to be present at any specific time. DIY at home on your own, and I’m connected with you for the week to answer questions, and guide you… you get four days of emails and videos and workouts and questions, plus business coaching to get your classes started, marketing materials, and four choreographies to get you started! (you get an enormous library of choreographies to use!) And then you make me a couple of videos at the end… easy! How cool is that?

Then you start your classes! woo hoo… If you are ready, self-motivated, and love to dance, and want to teach something divinely feminine and fun, now is your time to join us, for this Saturday’s start date…

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