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and  I am always ready to get you movin’ to change your state, then to change your story, and ultimately, change your life!

 As an inspirator of feminine celebration and a movement motivator, my passion and work is ultimately about guiding you on your journey, Life coaching –Movement, Momentum, and Magic, full of Dance and Desire, to follow your soul desires through movement and dance, words, and personal creative freedom, opening to your wild spirit, and your individual beauty.

You, audacious soul, have come to the right place. I have the Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance®-inspired tools to share with you to ramp up your body, mind, and spirit. To move your body and love the life you have and are living right now. I am thrilled to guide you on your quest. Are you ready?

I guide women on inspirational and exploratory journeys of Dance and Desire, Movement, Motivation and Magic, my methods of using your creative brain and intuitive power of combining words with your feminine essence. Ultimately it is about feeling good in your skin and your life. I teach women how to feel great and acknowledge their inner and outer beauty and grace, to live to their full potential by recognizing and achieving their life dreams and business goals with confidence and celebration.

As a creative lifestyle entrepreneur, coach, and founder of this world-wide Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance® movement, and Gypsy Caravan Dance Company since 1991, I am honored to share my empowering collection of in person and on-line teachings, filled with coaching, dance, movement, meditations, words, and music, with my 25 plus years of teaching and directing, coaching and initiating. With my Teacher Training Certification Intensives, and our global teachings and performance, Gypsy Caravan is wanting to dance and celebrate with you!

Combining practical skills and a bit of woo, I have deepened my over 20 years of Dance Coaching practice to focus on personal life coaching for transformation, clarity, and joy, adding in energy healing and clearing modalities, to guide you on your life and business journeys. Deepening my own creative entrepreneurial business and coaching skills with ongoing studies with Tony Robbins, Robbins/Maddones Certification in Strategic Intervention Coaching along with Marie Forleo business schooling, Holy Fire Reiki and Access Consciousness energy healing certifications, I am over the moon delighted to share my insightful work to you.

I call upon my experiences and adventures as a creative soul and guide on this inspired journey, and I invite you to join me, to dive in, to live BIG with your own beauty, joy, creative, and healthy life.

What is Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance®?

This signature GCTB Tribal styling is not only an eclectic, invigorating, and elegant fusion based on urban, folk, ritual, trance, bellydance, and modern dances, but a true lifestyle! I have created this rich blend of contemporary movement, with roots in ancient dance styles, based on a common non-verbal language and group improvisation, which is esthetically pleasing, spiritually grounding, and physically rewarding.

Not only do we use this dance, which is ultra feminine, intoxicatingly sensual, earthy and organic, extremely beautiful, and profoundly moving, but we also add lots of different cross-training techniques—like Dance and Desire, journaling, yoga, Tribal Grooves ™, fitness, meditations, nutrition, and more— to get a full body, spirit, and brain workout. Then you will be raring to take over your part of the world and be a happier and healthier you. Desires met, better posture, deeper breathing, more confidence, stronger in your body, more grounded on the earth. And beautiful!


“You’ll remember me as the mad woman tearing up and down Wollongong Mall trying to find her car after the workshops last Saturday, but I just wanted to say what an absolute oasis of inspiration and pleasure that rainy day was for me.

That afternoon of your workshops refreshed me and revived me as if I’d been to a day spa (well, okay, I had lots of muscle fatigue ;p)and on my drive home,  I used the time to listen to music and go through all the beautiful moves you taught in your classes.

Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful ideas and dance style. I already had your book and much of the music, and now have the complete set of your fabulous dvds; so perhaps on your next journey, I’ll be a candidate for your Collective Soul workshops. Wishing you continuing safe journeys and much happiness along the way.” – Margo Walker, ONYXtribal

Join us in our Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance® world with:

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I am the innovator of this soulful Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance® style that has become more of a lifestyle, full of that bountiful creative force found deep within.

Assembling my lifetime of dance, music, art, and healing work, and since initiating this life-changing Tribal Bellydance style over 25 years ago, I have been teaching and training around the globe, to casual dancers and the pros, and you, too, online.

I have an Associate’s degree in Business, a Bachelor’s in Fine Art (Photography), and a Master’s in Publishing and Writing, and wrote the book: Tribal Vision: A Celebration of Life Through Tribal Bellydance,but the hands-on experiences of dancing with and teaching YOU…. well…nothing compares to the rewards of sharing with you tools and skills, and then I have the joy of witnessing you bloom with empowered creativity, and living your dream of being a healthy vibrant woman.

As a dancing, glamping, honkytonkin’ music fiend, I am honored to bring you the inner and the outer work with all the accouterments to live a rich, joyful, life full of the Tribal Quest! Whether you just want a workout, desire some great dance tunes, or want the full rainbow of Tribal dance teachings, I am glad you are here…

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