Stay on the Train!

Staying on the train… I am taking myself on a writing retreat this week with a group of women writers and my writing coach to Taos, New Mexico. I have gathered and learned and had aha moments, and it’s only the first day. But on the way to Taos, I stopped for a...

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What’s in the cards for you for 2019?

What’s in the cards for you for 2019? Thought I’d do a little card spread for us this morning…thinking about what is to come! Ohhhh, I love this… The better it gets the better it gets — for money attraction. Follow your own Rhythm — For being the badass...

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Values and Manifestos

Over the past few years, I've written a few art-filled colorful manifestos, for my personal and business life combined, to share with my students. In some of my dance certification courses, as a coach, I've also asked the dancers to write their own too. Some...

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Registration for our Mexican Retreat is OPEN!

Hello loves! How excited am I to share the updates with you for our Illuminate and Create retreat? OH MY GODDESS…and registration opened today!!!! It’s going to be amazing, juicy, adventure, clarity on what’s next for you, in the beautiful, colorful,...

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