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Playing with words!

It’s a new moon…what does that mean to you… a good time to set up new intentions, my friends…bring it on… get your clarity and ask for you what you want! Envision what possibilities are open to you… and make them happen! The world...

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Dance and Desire Webinar Retreat Next Week!

Happy Friday… I am so excited to announce this Dance and Desire Virtual Retreat… oh my, going to be so fun! JOIN ME AND LET’S TALK! A FREE VIRTUAL RETREAT AND WEBINAR WITH PAULETTE REES-DENIS SUNDAY, JULY 8TH, 10AM-NOON (PST) REWRITE YOUR STORY, REDEFINE YOUR...

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Organizing your desires!

Organizing your desires! Hey friends! It’s almost summer and I’m inspired to make a few changes to what and how I gather you up! I’ve changed the name of this blog several times over the years! Through printed paper ‘zines and weekly newsletters and monthly blogs,...

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Heart and Hustle with Jen Violi, episode #34

Heart and Hustle with me, Paulette Rees-Denis, and our fun guest, Jen Violi, writer, writing coach, author, sparkly word connecter, on episode #34 Hello hello hello, I am so delighted to bring you Jen Violi, because she is so freakin real when she writes, bringing...

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Action from you required here, friends!

Action from you required here, friends! This is the last reminder to you to take action now if you want to stay on my blog/newsletter list… Apologies for sending this message out more than once but I want to make sure you get this and I don’t lose you...

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