Heart and Hustle: Visionary Healers, Movers, and Shakers :: a Video and Podcast series

:: Heart and Hustle: Visionary Healers, Movers, and Shakers ::

a Video and Podcast series with your Tribal Hostess Paulette Rees-Denis

I am inspired and energized when I meet amazing people–artists, business owners, light workers, true creatives–who are doing profound good in the world, whether it be a quiet solitary belief or a globally-motivated movement! These women are making a difference!

Being the Tribal Hostess that I am, I like nothing more than to share these folk with all of you, for you, to also be inspired, to gain some tools and knowledge, to enjoy the stories, to network, to send off some rockets of heart desires, and to learn through others adventures and misadventures!

Born, Heart and Hustle, a video and podcast bi-monthly series, for you to tune into, watch, listen, cry, laugh, share, and continue on with perhaps more ass-kicking, more freedom, some a-ha moments, and pure delight to witness another’s life and business stories. Hopefully for you to participate in, in our communication, but mostly in your own life, to grow and share and touch another, to make the world a better place!

Laura Rowe
#15: The Vital Spirit
empath, healer

Molly Patrick: #14:
Clean Food, Dirty Girl
plant food sage

Anna Kunnecke
#13: Declare

Theresa Pridemore
#12: Sovereign Spirit
tech goddess

Samantha Fox Olson #11: Kauai Yoga and Fitness

Barbra Gilman
#10: Access Consciousness

Lia Dunlap
#9: Coach
Intuitive Guidance

Helen McConnell
#8: Purpose, Prosperity, Happiness

Heather Craig
#7: Booty Luv (TM)
fitness guru

Lynea Gillen
#6: Yoga Calm
yogi, healer, dancer

Elena Lipson
self-care goddess

Pamela Smith Hill
author, dancer

Molly Mandelberg
#2: Wild Business Rising

Vanessa Couto
#1: Liminal Astrology
























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