Heart and Hustle with guest superhero Mary Baird-Wilcock, #51…

Enjoy our conversation! How can Micro-moments get you out of your spiraling thoughts, what we need to do rise up, Mary and I touch on a vast variety of subjects with laughter and insight. We talk about asking for help, investment in your own growth, delegation and how not delegating is not sustainable. The beauty of growing a business and mentoring and spreading the love.

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Create and Illuminate- filling up!

Yes! Illumination, the women’s retreat to San Miguel De Allende! Create and Illuminate… The retreat to light you up!I’m excited to have this retreat filling up with amazing women who are ready to gain more clarity, take charge of their...

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A New Path

RIP Mary Oliver, a woman who had a magical way with words, and I know impacted millions of lives through her written pages, including me… and sometimes through death, a different path unfolds, is revealed in a different way, as if a new opening into YOU lights up This...

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Time for healing and time to change!

Hello friends, I wrote part of this on FB the other day, but wanted to expand on it! To be in a body that is able to move again is heaven! And a relief… after 6 months off from dancing and working out to recover from that back injury, I’m back in the...

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Kickin’ into this New Year

Kickin’ into this new year with a refreshed outlook on what I’m doing, in my business and for my personal life, with abundance and all things pleasurable. Yes! Last year kicked me down several times and I am ready to step up even bigger and healthier and...

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The new Tribal Dancer’s Anthology for you!

A gift for you to start off your year!our 4th Tribal Dancer’s Anthology Dance and Desire… A great read to start out the year…lots of inspiration here, friends, from our contributors from around the globe. Dancers, stories, poems, life changes,...

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