Do you need some guidance and clarity
with your dreams and desires?

And help to recreate your everyday magic?

What do you desire? What does your body, heart, and soul really crave?

Need to get out of the overwhelm and get back on track? Are you wanting to explore what to do next with your art, your dance, your life, your work, your passion?

Ready to step it up?

Need to move your body? To feel every little thing inside and out?

Sacred rebels! Are you a bit rebellious and can’t quite get that scheduling and discipline thing down? And how’s that working for you?


“I had 3 coaching sessions with Paulette and even after the first one I was so pleased! She not only inspired me but helped to give me clarity on what I needed to do not only got myself, my dance and business. She taught me how to change my story and not to let others control my feelings. Since our last session I have accomplished so much and Paulette has taught me how to celebrate all of my successes no matter how big or small! I definitely would recommend anyone who needs guidance or clarity or maybe just a small push to get the momentum going and have a coaching session with Paulette, the sessions are well worth it!” A. J.

I want to help guide you back into your body and your desires! Let’s find your clarity. I love to help inspire and light up your wild spirit, so you can fall in love with yourself over again, and expand your passionate heart. I want to help you move your body and motivate your soul, to feel delicious and free. To feel really good…because that is what it is all about. To bring the magic back into your everyday world!


 I guide you on inspirational and exploratory journeys, Dance and Desire, using the creative power of combining words, intuitive connection, with the feminine essence of your movement, often using the powerful and evocative form of Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance®. Ultimately life is about feeling good in your skin and in your everyday life. I give you tools on how to change your state, change your story, and to feel great, acknowledging your inner and outer beauty and grace. You want to live to your full potential by recognizing and achieving your life dreams and business goals with confidence and celebration. Read more here…

From my heart, my intuitive soul, my studies and my experience, I am delighted and excited to offer a deep level of transformational coaching for you. A dive into your relationships, with yourself, your loved ones, your students, your work, your dance. Wow…this is powerful stuff. To dig in and find your truest desires, to find the source of who you are and what you want and need to live a full life of passion, creativity, fulfillment and so much more. I would be honored to do this work with you and am passionate about guiding you to clarity and fulfillment.

Ready for a free 20 minute consult with me? Let’s see where you are and if I can guide you to meet your desires! Contact me and let’s set that up, see if I can guide you where you want to go!

Results! That is what I want for you.. let’s MAP it out! Utilizing movement, methods of writing/journaling, and questioning your journey of life/business/career ideas/relationships, digging into your heart and soul, let’s rediscover your life quests and dreams. Want clarity? What makes you want to, or not want to, move your body? We’ll change your state! What keeps you inspired? Goals with soul? Need to bust out of old patterns to arrive at that vision? Get your plan into action.

We work together. I believe everyone needs a coach, ongoing. I have 3 Transformational Coaching packages for you to choose from…

  1. Changing your Story Breakthrough — The Four Week Dance and Desire Coaching Transformation Program

    four weeks of this delicious focus on you! Dance and Desire…

    A one hour session weekly (on skype or zoom), we use journaling with tools for release and clarity, questing to get your juices fired up, and weekly videos with movement and guided visualizations & meditations!  This is an intensive four weeks… I want you to be ready to claim yourself, your dreams, your goals, your body.

    Go here to read more and here to sign up! Let’s get YOU on your calendar with me

  2. Illumination Breakthrough–The Three Month Dance and Desire Motivational Coaching Transformation

    To feel great with energy and well-being, to call in what you desire, to be in alignment and allow your dreams to unfold and bloom..that is what we do…

    With my three month program, we start with the same four week program as above, meeting every week for four weeks. Then we continue on this journey for two more months, connecting every two weeks, with space for accountability and support, implementation and more intensive goal declaring, as you see the changes! With more body alignment, clearer vision, AND of course, celebrating your mini to mighty breakthroughs ….You commitment to making YOU happen is a must…

    Go here to READ more about this!

    Sign up here….

  3. Or We start with three sessions; together we can gather, organize, meditate, write, and work your stuff out…we allow for follow through and implementation time and and get your journey laid out with encouragement and accountability. I like fast action and I want you to be committed to making YOU happen. My specialty is to help you gain and keep your momentum, to offer healing and energy shifting with Holy Fire Reiki, to guide you to move your body with magical energy, and finding the inspiration within yourself. Results and action…ongoing…Go here to sign up…Let’s get YOU on your calendar with me!

PLUS… go here to read about the healing modalities–Access Consicousness–the Bars, and Holy Fire Reiki– I use to lighten you up and open you up to your full potential!

Let’s make a MAP…Massive Action Plan…for you!

Pick your session and let’s get started right away!

Book me now and let’s set up your schedule— we meet on Skype or Zoom, every week.

I will send you questions to get us started before our first meet up.

Misha says:

I’ve been working with Paulette as my coach and it has made a HUGE difference in my life. I’ve learned so much in just a few sessions and really recommend her if you are ready to open yourself up to amazing possibilities!

Nina says:

With Paulette, it’s a general discussion with the focus on my development as a workshop facilitator. Paulette has such a wealth of experience and knowledge, inspiring my thoughts and writing like a brightly colored flowering vine trailing ever higher. I always feel so positive and full of energy after our talks, this energy is slightly viral as it whirls all around me, bouncing off and being absorbed into the greater world.


I would love to be of service to you!

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About Paulette

With over 25 years as a creative entrepreneur, coach, and motivational teacher and global dance instructor, I have been traveling the world guiding, innovating, training, networking, healing, and creating in the Creative Arts and Tribal Bellydance world. Besides publishing two books, two e-Anthologies, and a plethora of magazine articles, I write weekly blogs and host guest writers and artists. Business skills include training with Marie Forleo (B-School), Business Mastery and Strategic Intervention Coaching Certification with Tony Robbins and Robbins/Madones, plus running my own successful global business. With a lifetime of dance, music, healing (Reiki and Access Consciousness Bars certified, Massage practitioner, intuitive work), and art studies, exhibitions, performances, along with developing in demand Master Teacher and Dance Certification programs, I have the expertise to assist you!

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