Are you longing for the simple everyday magic or your bigger desires to materialize in your life? Feeling a bit rebellious and frustrated when it comes to those scheduling and discipline needs?

Together we identify the aspects of your overwhelm and clarify what your body, head, heart, and soul truly crave!

Sacred rebels!

Perhaps you simply need to get back on track or maybe you are ready to explore what to do next with your art, your dance, your dreams, your passion, your work… YOUR LIFE!

“Your beliefs become your thoughts. Your thoughts become your words. Your words become your actions. Your actions become your habits. Your habits become your values. Your values become your destiny.”  ~Mahatma Gandhi.

I say,

Thoughts become words become things!

Ultimately life is about feeling freaking awesome in your skin and in your everyday life. To get there, we travel on inspirational and creative journeys, using the creative power of combining words and intuitive connection, with the feminine essence of your movement.

“Paulette is a truly gifted and brilliant coach and teacher.  In the Dance & Desire Online Course, Paulette gives a wealth of fun and really effective tools and resources that can be used and integrated immediately.  She masterfully creates a very safe space within which to journey to one’s authentic self, to fearlessly explore one’s inner landscape, to begin writing a new life story and – very importantly – an opportunity to be seen and heard throughout the process.   In every interaction with Paulette, her compassion, generosity, honesty and integrity shines through.  She genuinely wants you to succeed and celebrates you along the way!  For me, it has been a wonderful, life-affirming experience!: L. G. 

“I had 3 coaching sessions with Paulette and even after the first one I was so pleased! She not only inspired me, but helped to give me clarity on what I needed to do, not only for myself, also my dance and business. She taught me how to change my story and not to let others control my feelings. Since our last session I have accomplished so much. Paulette has taught me how to celebrate all of my successes no matter how big or small! I definitely would recommend anyone who needs guidance or clarity, or maybe just a small push, to get the momentum going and have several coaching sessions with Paulette, the sessions are well worth it!” A. J.

Along this journey you receive tools on how to change your state, change your story, and to feel great, with clarity, and acknowledging your inner and outer beauty and grace. You begin to live fully into your potential by recognizing and achieving your life dreams, passions, and business goals with confidence and celebration.

Wow…this is powerful stuff!

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Working with you would be my honor. My passion lies in guiding you towards your clarity and fulfillment, and being witness to see you soar! Take advantage of your free Magic Mojo Discovery Session, a 20 minute consult with me, and get any questions answered!

Here’s what we do together ::

From my heart, my intuitive soul, my studies and my experience, I am delighted and excited to offer a deep level of transformational coaching for you. A dive into your relationships, with yourself, your loved ones, your students, your work, your dance.

Results! That’s what you want .. let’s MAP it out!

With journaling prompts, envisioning your desires, and digging into your heart and soul, let’s rediscover your life quests and dreams.

Your commitment to making YOU happen is a must…

We Clarify:

  • What makes you want to, or not want to, love and live in your body
  • What keeps you inspired
  • Your creative goals with soul
  • How to get out of overwhelm by laying a path
  • How to bust out of old patterns to arrive at that vision that inspired You!

Get your plan and then put it into action. We work together. I believe everyone needs a coach, ongoing–this is for YOU!

  • :: Magic Action Plan:: Get on Track ::
    Change your state, change your story, change your life!

To feel aweosme with energy and well-being, to call in what you desire,

to be in alignment and allow your dreams to unfold and bloom..that is what we do…

 For three months, three sessions per month, on Skype, together we gather, organize, meditate, write, and work your stuff out…we allow for follow through and implementation time and get your journey laid out with support and accountability. We use journaling with tools for release and clarity, questing to get your juices fired up. I want you to be ready to claim yourself, your dreams, your goals, your body. You are committed to making YOU happen. My specialty is to help you M.A.P  out your plan, gain and keep your momentum, to offer healing and energy shifting, to guide you to move your body with strength and magical energy, and find YOUR inspiration within yourself. Results and action…ongoing…

Go here to sign up…Let’s get YOU on your calendar with me!

Let’s make a MAP…

Magic Action Plan…for you!

 Let’s get YOU on your calendar…with me now…

As a healer, coach, dancer, and writer, one of the things I love most is hearing you express yourself from deep within, to get that connection, to take the time to listen to yourself and feel what is deep within waiting to unfold. It has always been one of my biggest joys in helping you find the words, to feel that explosion of feeling and being able to say it, write it, articulate it. To find the way to say what you mean, to find the way you want to feel, and to find the ‘thing’ that brings you joy, self-connection, and connection with others. To love yourself. To open up. To find your own beauty and body and acknowledge it too. With pride and strength. And meaning.

Dance and Desire: From the Body to the Page — This Online course is now available to you! And see our Events page for  my in person workshops and retreats!

Misha says:

I’ve been working with Paulette as my coach and it has made a HUGE difference in my life. I’ve learned so much in just a few sessions and really recommend her if you are ready to open yourself up to amazing possibilities!

Nina says:

With Paulette, it’s a general discussion with the focus on my development as a workshop facilitator. Paulette has such a wealth of experience and knowledge, inspiring my thoughts and writing like a brightly colored flowering vine trailing ever higher. I always feel so positive and full of energy after our talks, this energy is slightly viral as it whirls all around me, bouncing off and being absorbed into the greater world.

Let's Make a M.A.P. :: a Magic Action Plan :: just for YOU!

Let's put YOU on your calendar, with me!

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