You get weekly instructional videos for movement and stretching, plus a lovely moving meditation, a music playlist for full on dance breaks, a morning power walk complete incantations. You receive journaling prompts for personal writing, and participation in our weekly group discussions. We play with words and change our mindset, releasing limiting beliefs and those old patterns. No more settling, right?

What else happens in our four weeks together? You get to do the weekly work I send you on Saturday mornings, on your own time during that week, but staying on course with the rest of us! I check in with you on Mondays, and also a Q&A with me for a live coaching call on Tuesday nights- 5:00 pm PST (on Zoom, these will be recorded if you cannot attend live- no need to worry)! Woo hoo… group gatherings to light us up–I love to know what you are working on, and need tools and guidance for, plus getting to share that with each other, and hold each other accountable, THAT a super powerful addition to my courses!

Is it Time for YOU to:

Move that body

Do some deep diving

Break down those walls and borders

Quit with the self-sabotage

Quest for those missing links

Add more enjoyment

Find more pleasure

And finally make some potent and feel-good decisions to begin to design the life you desire, adding in a reinvigorating, delightful daily practice to keep you revved up and moving forward with your dreams.

And FEEL GREAT in your body, spirit, and mind!

How does that sound to you? Ready?

Register now here!

**Course pricing: $249.00, includes all the downloadable videos and worksheets, plus our private group page for connection and sharing!

**And following this course I will be leading an ongoing online Mastermind Group — Getting you juiced up–body, mind, and spirit — into that manifestation place for all you desire!