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the Mastermind

with Paulette Rees-Denis  

Transformational Lifestyle Coach

Next Mastermind starts September 15th. 2018, February 9th, 2019!

Are you a creative woman who is tired of putting your dreams last, sick of feeling overwhelmed, frustrated with not making enough money, and done with settling? Do you feel that ache inside your heart, that longing, you’ve had for a long time?

Are you ready to be ready,
and awaken those dreams and desires?

Illumination :: the Mastermind! Our upcoming women’s group is for you if you are ready to unfold into your desires, to listen to that ache and dive in deep. You want to commit to yourself to live to your fullest potential.

Let’s get the tools, time, and inspirations to finally do what you’ve been wanting with clarity and confidence, to find what’s waiting to unfold, and take action. Real concrete action.

Do you want to support all areas of your life by saying YES! Ready to live lit up with happiness, pleasure, and abundance and knowing you are finally doing it?

This is a great way to end this year and kick off next year! Six months of YOU!

Join us if you have been desiring coaching to get it on with your divine, if being in a group of like-minded women, full of support and action and badass-ness, is something you have been wanting to be a part of, join us! To move that body, shift your energy and your mindset, make those changes. Break down the walls that have been holding you back. Dream big, dear one… now is YOUR time!

There is a beautiful power in tribe, in circling up with other women, with inspiration, connection, and support!

Now is YOUR time to get guidance on building that dream, to do the work that speaks to your soul, to be held accountable to do that work, and to make that money.

Movement, Momentum, and Magic

I want you to step into your fullness and beauty and abundance, to live in the body you love,

to feel the lightness and greatness of diving full on into what you are truly desiring!


One of the greatest parts of being in our mastermind group is that you are ready to do the work, to dream big, while being in the presence of like-minded souls, to share and watch and listen, to be inspired and inspire, while your fellow Illuminators are kicking ass too. This is such an invaluable tool, learning experience, and supportive network, you’ll wonder how you got along without a mastermind group before…

You are ready to work directly with me to get out of mediocrity and step into your creative glory and vivaciousness! Join me to get your body, heart, mind, and soul aligned and moving forward to reach fulfillment, prosperity, and connection unlike anything else.

Are you ready to take the next step to achieving your dreams? I want to see you succeed, to live full-on, with joy and fulfillment. Will you commit to yourself? If you said YES, I would love you to join me. This will be a small select group for six months, with an application process to make sure we are a good fit and this is what you want…

Join us now!

What do we do for six months?

This is a safe space for you to share your wildest dreams and get support to make this real for yourself! With no judgment at all…

  • Live group mastermind calls on zoom — one hour once a month– with each call featuring live coaching, momentum check-ins, Q&A, and always celebration! 
  • Monthly private coaching 30-minute calls with me so we can focus on your M.A.P.– Magic Action Plan!
  • Weekly recordings or videos to keep us connected, get you moving and groovin’, and to keep you on your path.
  • Journaling prompts with deep dive revelations!
  • A private Facebook group page where we can meet up and chat with each other anytime, do some co-working, and post your stuff!

You will have focus every month —monthly intentions — and you choose to bring your own individual path–this is for you so I want you to set your goals! And yes, sometimes with fierce love, I will hold you accountable.


  • Clarity– Creating a clear vision– what are your desires? What is your life purpose? What will you invest your time in for your vision? Let’s focus on your dreams… with tools and techniques for envisioning, meditation, plus weekly journaling prompts to get you into alignment with what you want!
  • Gratitude
  • Focus on Self-care and daily priming
  • Movement
  • Celebration–because we always acknowledge and celebrate ourselves!


  • Change your state!
  • Body awareness — with movement, physically and energetically…
  • Embodying and connecting with your vision
  • Releasing old patterns and habits, accountability
  • Prioritizing your desires
  • And always, more journaling prompts
  • Celebration


  • Changing your story!
  • M.A.P —  making your Magic Action Plan, setting up your daily, weekly, monthly schedule, to take real doable action
  • Calendar it up!
  • And always, more journaling prompts
  • Movement
  • Celebration


  • Money — What limiting beliefs are holding you back from increasing your abundance?
  • Check and change your mindset and daily action
  • And always, more journaling prompts
  • Movement and momentum
  • Celebration


  • Relationship overhaul– with you, your partner, your family and friends, your boss and employees
  • Six human needs
  • And always, more journaling prompts
  • Movement
  • Everyday magic
  • Celebration


  • Change your life!
  • Continuing plans—setting yourself up for continuing success
  • And always, more journaling prompts
  • Movement
  • the WOW of your life
  • Celebration


It is very important and essential to participate in the group to maintain our collective and individual energy, and share your writings, thoughts, fall downs, and achievements … whatever is going on with you, we all want to support and acknowledge you!

Change your state,
change your story,
change your life!

Move that body, move your energy, change your words, envision your future you, step into your inspired life, unfold into your desires!

If you have questions or concerns about joining, I am happy to talk with you about what you are wanting. You can schedule time with me for a 20-minute free phone consult… and let’s find out if this is for you! Schedule your Magic Mojo Discovery Session here.

Your investment in yourself for six months:

**$1997.00 (half the price of one-on-one coaching with me). I am happy to offer you a payment plan, with a $500 deposit, plus four monthly payments of $385.00 each.

Are you ready? 

Register now, and we will email you some questions to get you started on your explorative and exciting journey.

Note: There are no refunds once you have joined. This is your commitment to your fabulous self!

Are you ready to join us? I look forward to leading this powerhouse of women unfolding and thriving!

Are you ready to change your story, step it up and dive into your glorious life?

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