(from the beautiful sacred rebels oracle deck)


How many of you find it hard to receive?

To ask for help?

To be gracious in accepting a compliment?

To allow yourself to be sick and ask for a cup of tea?

Are you stumbling forward in the dark because you don’t know what to ask for?

To spend an afternoon taking care of yourself, closing the outside door and stop to listen to your heart?

To committing to your daily morning self-love ritual?

To take a freakin’ break? Self-care, self-connection…


I ran into this issue for myself 2 weeks ago… I went down… some of you know this, following me on FB… picked up my invalid dog Thanksgiving morning early, out went my back, hurting worse and worse every hour… cancel thanksgiving plans, freakin pain… holiday weekend, who to call for help? Beginning to worry… really hurting… telling Jeff that this is serious, starting to howl in pain… omg… what do I do? Long story short, even asking Jeff for help was hard. Acknowledging that I really did a number on my back was hard. That I had to stop was even harder. Push through the pain, keep going…

Really Paulette? Is this doing you any good?

Time to take my own advice, right? What I tell my clients…stop and take some time…take care of myself…listen to what is going on…allow someone to help me…

Allow myself to RECEIVE!

Are you better at giving?    I love to guide others, to give. It’s my nature, which is why I am so good at my “work”. But to turn those tables and receive…

Receiving: time to bring something in, to receive and be received, to feel nourished, restored, cared for, loved…

Connection with self, what we all desperately need and so easy to stray from…

But in the allowance of receiving, openly accepting and embracing what the universe gives, or your friends and lovers, saying, “I am worth it!”

Now is the time, this is MY TIME… I had to ask for help. Help driving me to get an MRI. Help in having a meal cooked for me. Help in teaching my classes. Help in finding help! Wow…

At first I felt vulnerable, weak, asking for too much. Then I stopped. And looked at this situation. Really Paulette? I really do need help. I can’t do this alone. I can say I hurt, instead of saying how good I’m doing. I wasn’t doing good.

My husband loves me. My friends love me. They like to take time to help me. They asked what I needed. What could they do for me to help? Wow… I let it happen. I allowed myself to stop, listen, take care of what I needed. Allowed them to assist.

I sit. With so much gratitude. I allowed myself to receive their help, their care, their love.

And it felt so good, washing over me. True love and concern. Not because they owed me but because they really wanted to help. Often asking before I could ask them. Checking in. Continuously. I am so thankful, not because I got injured! But what I experienced because of it.

This place of nourishment, of being fed, and of allowing time to switch off, and be with myself, and then with no guilt of asking for what one needs…

Friendship. Allowing. Receiving. Lesson learned…love felt.

How about you? Can you be on both sides?

*Reach out to someone who might need some help, before they even ask… see how that feels.

*And ask someone for help when you need it… allow yourself to receive…restore,  breath…and let the love in…


With gratitude,



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