Happy Solstice

Merry Christmas

Happy New Year

What ever which way you celebrate at this time of year…

I do hope you CELEBRATE!!!!

Your most fabulous self… the year we are leaving and all you did in it, and getting ready for the year to come…

I am celebrating you being here! And celebrating myself also, for everything about this past year…

Are you dreaming, making plans, wishing on a star, laying a new foundation, asking the universe, chilling, hanging out, taking good care of yourself during the crazy holiday season? What’s happening in your world right now?

I always love this time of year for reflection, really taking the time to look at this last year, with gratitude, and much celebration!

Then I do love a bit of hibernation in the dark, cozy up by the fireplace, walk in the quiet snow, or read a book!

And then (drum roll….) I love to make time to really focus on what I want to come… the ground laying, working on my MAP (massive action plan!), creating with some mindmapping, desiring, finding new words for the year, and envisioning with some meditative future tripping! and stating my INTENTION!

And I need momentum behind all of that, whether it be quiet or wild…


— to have momentum is to be fully engaged in the moment, being present, living fully!

What happens to you if you don’t have your momentum? You stagnate…. Ohh, ick…. Stagnation produces negative emotions… and that will bring you down so fast…

No stagnation here please. Nor for me, or for you my pretties… (What do you think the reasoning is behind the name of my coaching business?!! Movement, Momentum, and Magic! That is what we want, right? All of those together make us happy, fulfilled, loving our bodies and ourselves, bring us into alignment with our passion, our work, our purpose, and allows us to feel GREAT! When you keep up your momentum, (and I don’t mean running around like a crazy fool!), it takes less energy and effort to keep going… meaning you don’t have to keep starting up again, because that can be HARD to keep doing… I bet you know what I mean? Isn’t getting started usually the hardest thing to do?

Starting a new workout? Lose some weight? Try a new class? Wanting to journal everyday? Eat healthier? Writing that book? Look for a new job?

Whatever it is that you are wanting to do, once you start it, it goes so much smoother and easier… with your beautiful momentum and desires backing you…to keep going. It takes some some discipline and commitment to yourself, to start, to keep going, to build that delicious habit,

and then you notice how good you feel doing it and why would you want to quit?

Because you want to make that everyday magic for yourself! Right? Hell yes. And that is your CHOICE

Got some big fabulous words up above…what stands out to you?

For the coming year…what cha’ gonna do? Try? Play with? What adventure are you going to take? No more of this, I can’t, maybe later, I can’t afford it, I don’t have time,… watch your words peeps… if you want it, put it in your thoughts, write it down, set your intention, say it outloud, put it on the calendar, dream, ask for it, get some help towards it (me, your new coach! :)), plan, ACT…take action! Woo hoo… This is YOUR TIME!

Bring it on…

And Celebrate!

I am so happy  you are here, my friends, to dream, and dance, and co-create, and make this world a great place to live…pass it on!!

And here is the card I picked for us for this changing light time of year…


Collaborative Dreaming

I love this… perfect today! We are here to co-create, to inspire and share and love and admire each other and build our communities with unconditional love, communities that foster life, embracing the friction as well as the creative energy! From the Sacred Rebels Oracle Deck…

**I want to thank you all for your well wishes, healing prayers, and support, as I have gone through my own healing journey this past month (several months really), with my sick dog (RIP Rika), and then getting injured myself ( imagine me not being able to dance?!!! omg…). You don’t know how much your support has meant to me, truly. I am healing both physically and emotionally from my loss and for my body (pinched nerve and bulging disk), and I should be stronger and ready to dance in a few weeks time… Patience is called for, commitment to doing my physical therapy, and time to just feel and heal and love myself and be in the process! All have lessons to learn… right?? All good…

Have an amazing holiday and here is to our 2017 together! Can’t wait to spend the new year with you.

What all is possible my friends?

With so much heartfelt gratitude…paulette-coachingpaulette-signature_red

**AND please check out my new MMM Coaching website, www.paulettereesdenis.com! I am so excited! It is almost done but have a look see anyway… and make sure to look at the new Book Me page, you can schedule your sessions with me online now… isn’t that awesome and easy???? Give it a try 😉

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