Hello friends…

New moon, christmas, holiday cheer, family, friends, and down time to listen in…

the last few days are quickly passing, with anticipation for the new year, and I see many folk are giddy for the newness that it will bring, ready for changes, ready to let go of the past year, shaking heads often in disbelief, anxiety, relief. Ready to stand up and take control, take charge, up front and center with their beliefs and determined to take a stand, with even more desire to take action and march forward. And own it, own YOU!

Move Forward With Intention

I am always excited to reflect back, and celebrate what I have done over the past year… note what I want to change, let go of things and feelings that aren’t working and move forward with beautiful intention! Like I tell my students when they dance, in class or through life, to lift that chest, engage through your core, open that heart with shoulders back and down ( can you feel that?), and glide forward like you mean it! With that open heart, move…full of love and pride, knowing where you want to go and what you want, and also allowing the unknowing to unfold! So much beauty in the unfolding!

Change your state, change your story, change your life!

I have many dynamic changes and projects waiting for me in the new year…I have picked my words for the year–do you do that? I look into my heart and my body and feel what I am wanting and needing, for work, pleasure, life! Picking out words, looking up definitions, fine tuning my focus. Taking charge! And owning it. And then, more than words…feeling it…what I desire.

There are many offerings this time of year, out there for you to commit to, invest in, experiment with, online and in person. It is all very exciting, and can be overwhelming, and I love seeing what is out there waiting for me! So this is the time for you to just take the time, slow down, and listen to what you need. What will guide you, who can help you…yes… we all need support, other eyes, different visions and helpful tools, and allow yourself to go after it! This is YOU we are talking about.

And again, I have a few offerings for you…which I am humbly thrilled to offer…

actually I am freakin super excited to offer, 🙂,

because I have listened to what you have been asking me for, and I developed these two new coaching packages to get you diving in, ready to listen to your heart and body, and move forward with that powerful and beautiful intention and OWN YOU! Damn…

Do you hear you calling for yourself? It is time for you to unfold and open up? Check them out and see which one you are ready for!

Two Transformational Coaching packages
for you to choose from:


  1. Changing  your Story Breakthrough — The Four Week Dance and Desire Coaching  Transformation Program

Week One–Releasing (Water) — What needs to change? Where do you feel stuck in your life and your body?

Week Two — The Dreaming (Air) — Unbury your treasures– time for thoughtful focus and envisioning-mindmapping

Week Three — Ignite (Fire) — Designing your exciting personal MAP–Massive Action Plan

Week Four — Creating Everyday Magic (Earth) –Change your state- Elevate!

Sound pretty freakin’ fabulous?  Just what you are needing and wanting? Go here to sign up!


  1. Illumination Breakthrough — The Three Month Dance and Desire Motivational Program

Need more time? More in depth diving? To feel great with energy and well-being, to call in what you desire, to be in alignment and allow your dreams to unfold and bloom..that is what we do…

With my three month program, we start with the same four week program as above, meeting every week for four weeks. Then we continue on this journey for two more months, connecting every two weeks, with time for implementation and more intensive goal declaring, as you see the changes! With more body alignment, clearer vision, AND of course, celebrating your mini to mighty breakthroughs ….

What do you need? This is a personal program and this is for YOU.

Illumination!These will be fine tuned for YOU (Business, Body, Career, Relationship, Life Dreams and Desires) Adding more personal desires, checking in and keeping in step with your needs, adding more tools, maintaining accountability, continuing to work that body, and seeing the dreams, the abundance come alive! And you know… we have a great time doing this…finding out what it feels like to FEEL Totally awesome within your physical, emotional, and spiritual body!

This is YOUR TIME!  Ready? Go here to sign up!

***OH, and there is a discount if you sign up with me by December 31st!!! I love being able to offer that to you… save some $$ and do this for yourself NOW!

I heard a great quote the other day that really sums this up…

“None of the other stuff is going to work

if the animal that you live in is a broke-down mess.”

Elizabeth Gilbert

So in my slowing down and listening, I know my body and mind need another cleanse, that 10 Day Transformation, that I have done and offered to you in the past.

** And I get to add this to our mix for you... seriously, friends, this is soooo good!

10 Day Transformation Cleanse

It will be a great way to kick off the new year, and get me revved up and feeling better in my skin, especially after recovering from my back injury, and the holidays, and the bustle! A bit of a broke-down mess! You feeling that way too? You said you want to get off sugar, or you need to loose those few inches around the middle, or that you desire to change your eating habits, and you need inspiration! And it is not a juice fast, it is a cleanse, so you get to eat tasty foods while you drink up those delicious green drinks! Super power!

And when I have done this cleanse in the past, I know how great I feel after wards, with energy and clarity, tastebuds that taste and desire delicious whole foods, joints that aren’t so creaky, extra fat burned off, and again, more in control, with more feeling! That’s how I like to move through life! YES!

So I get to offer it to you too, so we can all do it together… nothing like having that support to help, right?


And I unpacked my box yesterday! Woo hoo… We are going to start together on January 15th, in our private group so we can check in… you still have time to get them ordered up, invest in yourself and your body, and I can extend my $50.00 gift card to you through Jan. 8th! Woo hoo..

So…  email me paulette@paulettereesdenis.com or FB message me, https://www.facebook.com/paulettereesdenis/ So we can set you up right away! Join us!

Again, my three choices, to combine, or find the one that speaks to you… Register or contact me now!

Whatever you need, whichever way you are choosing to unfold and move forward with your own beautiful intentions for the new year… I wish you enormous amounts of love and health and wealth and that you are loving what you are doing… so we can all shine together!

I hope to see you on our road, in person or online… and I am forever grateful to share this space and this life with you!



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