Heart and Hustle!–New video series! Volume 1 with Vanessa Couto

Happy happy new year to you my friends!

So many visions are already coming into picture for me, into being, into my life and it is just the 3rd day of the new year! Rock on! I am starting this new year with big dreams and desires.

Over the past year, and several years (this is not a new practice for me for sure!) I have asked for what I wanted and desired, both in life and business, and I have spent time looking at those dreams in detail, and asking myself why I want themknowing why is the most important part of desiring. I’ve written about this to you before… because knowing why brings clarity and truth and possibilities, and knowing what is the most important thing for you, for that reason, so you can move forward with that intention…so powerful and beautiful.

And that means I have released some of my “limiting beliefs”. Limiting Beliefs that have held me back in the past. Those limits that weigh you down, that tie you up, that keep you living in negativity, in pity, in unhappiness and unfullfilment, and staying in the past. Do you know what I’m talking about? What are some of your limiting beliefs?

I don’t want to live like that, with those. And I don’t live like that. I am not afraid to move forward,to change… and I want to know…

What else is possible?

Now, that is a question to ask yourself. And as I’ve been studying more energy healing modalities, what I have added into my coaching practices, both with Access Consciousness–The Bars, and Holy Fire Reiki. Moving, shifting, release, healing…I have been able to look at what, and then release some of my limiting beliefs… YES! (Please come see me for a session of the Bars in my new office in Portland! whoa…)

So…Let me share just a few of my visions…that came true in 2016…

**teaching in a fabulous dance studio; re-branding and re-building my Movement, Momentum, and Coaching practice; moving my coaching, healing, and writing practice into beautiful office (in process as we read!); traveling to study with Tony Robbins and Jen Louden; getting my Tribal Grooves™ Teacher Training spreading around the globe, trademarking Tribal Grooves™; have the Caravan Project tribes growing around the world; having more and more dancers finding the importance and life-changing benefits of my in-depth and intensive certification programs– Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance® Collective Soul and Teacher Training; new GCDC members; very successful Dance and Desire, plus GCTB dance workshops and tours; new dancewear designs; hiring a super amazing assistant (we all need a great team); finally taking charge of my finances(scary shit) and making more money (HUGE for me); plus adding super fun music and glamping events; big fun stuff outside of my business (super important for me!); moving into my brand new small home that Jeff built; serious downsizing; more writing; running daily; losing my best friend Rika dog… the important thing here is that I desired to do these things (except Rika’s death but I knew it was coming), some more planned out than others, all growing in all aspects of my body, mind, and spirit…  and so much more goodness for 2017! I continue to take time to dream and write and envision… just as I do with my creative and amazing coaching clients ( is this you?)… because

What else is possible?

***and one of the newest creative adventures for me–the Tribal Hostess, to share with you is this new video/podcast series! This is still taking shape, but I am super excited to get this off the ground and running! I love to share and network, introducing YOU to fabulous people who are rocking their world, which in turn rocks yours…

Heart and Hustle–Visionary Healers, Movers, and Shakers!

People! Woo hoo…

I am over the moon, and here is my first very special and brilliant guest,

Vanessa Couto–and she is coming out of the astrological closet! 

Wait until you meet her, see her art, hear her speak about what we are each born into, and how we can use this great info… yep, I bet you might want a session or two with her also!

The Video on Vimeo



the podcast only

and here is Vanessa’s info for you…
Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/liminalastrology/?ref=bookmarks
Podcast: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/liminal-astro-coaching/id1143801181?mt=2

Her bio…
Vanessa Couto is an astrological coach and artist. She is also considered by her clients their ‘cosmic travel guide and mentor’.

Through her coaching work, she helps her clients get a better understanding of who they are, what is their life’s purpose, and how to navigate the threshold of birthing a more aligned life.

In her coaching and teaching she weaves astrology, storytelling, art and depth psychology. The motto she lives by is that we are all midwives to each others’ dreams.

So friends! Here is to YOUR possibilities…

share in the comments… what are your takeaways? and please share this with your friends! Thank you for that… I would love to reach more people, and you can help me with that!

Thanks for being here and enjoy the first in my series..








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