Happy New Year to you all!

Now that the hallabaloo of the holidays has past, the new year has kicked in and most of us around the Portland area have been beautifully snowbound to some degree! What a way to kick in the year!
I wanted to share a few exciting new updates with you!
**I now have a new Portland office/healing space
..moving in today actually…
and I am delighted to have this for my coaching, healing, dancing, and writing work! I love the full circle as this is my old office space from Caravan Studio, now called SomaSpace in NE Pdx…
and besides my Movement, Momentum, and Magic Transformational Life Coaching sessions I offer, I am now offering in person energy healing using Access Consciousness–The Bars (http://www.bars.accessconsciousness.com/about-access-bars.asp) and Holy Fire Reiki, which are both great healing modalities to use with my coaching clients, or by themselves.
Are you ready to release some stuck beliefs and patterns and open up to your possibilities? You can check out my new website too, here! So excited about it… still working out a few kinks…but let me know how you are liking it, will you?
and find out about my new coaching packages…
The Illumination Breakthrough,
change-your-storyand the Changing Your Story Breakthroughhere.
Let me know if you are desiring to connect or if you have any questions for me, my friends! This work is profound and I am so glad to have the opportunity to share the tools with you and get your beautiful self on track and moving forward!
tribal-grooves-logo**Tribal Grooves
starts again tomorrow night, in Portland, 
Monday, January 16th, 6:10-7:10 pm at SomaSpace!
Woo hoo…
this is soooo freakin fun and a great dance workout, using some wonderfully feminine and feel good Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance moves, as well as working out for some strength, stamina, and a bit of sweat!
and you can register here…
Tribal Grooves Teacher Training!
And one last thing!!
If you are digging Tribal Grooves…there are TWO upcoming Teacher Training sessions, one in Portland and one in Florida in April/May!!!!
Get certified and run your own classes now... these are super fun, high energy,  and not only do I teach you  how to teach the classes, but I add in business coaching so you run your dance business as a successful entrepreneur! Sounds good, right?! You in?
Here is my other new website for Tribal Grooves!!! Enjoy…
Wishing you the delight and pleasure you desire in the new year… so grateful you are here… and remember to pass this on to someone who might enjoy it, and sign up for my weekly blog for good news and inspirations…
Dance with passion!
dance-and-desire-bannerLadies! Today is the last day for your early discount if you are joining us for our
with me, your Tribal Hostess, along with super fab instructor goddesses–Elena Lipson and Lynea Gillen!!! Register now to save some dollars! $$ 🙂
Come to our magical long weekend to dance and heal and laugh and shine!

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