women write: 

I always get so excited to read about your experiences… the changes and revelations you have as you come into your bodies, your souls, to dance, no matter what style or way you choose to dance through life! And I get really thrilled to see how my work has expanded to reach not only bellydancers but women ( yes and some men!) who want to move their bodies, who want to get in touch with their sacred selves, to feel better in their skins…

For so many years I worked, taught, danced only with bellydancers — amazing work, amazing women– spreading the love and connection of Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance. How blessed am I to do this work? And now to reach you, who don’t necessarily want to be a bellydancer, but want to feel the feminine power in your body, your glorious curves, and to feel your own strength and to fall in love with yourself. Through my coaching sessions, Tribal Grooves dance class and Teacher Training, and all of the goodness of GCTB for all women!

Today I get to share some words from two of my tribe mates in Gypsy Caravan Dance Company, Nina from Australia and Deirdre from Scotland and now also Spain!

But first, speaking of your words, let me also tell you of another project that Team Gypsy is working on, and YOU are invited to participate! woo hoo…

Share your Words * Share your Story!

We are now accepting submissions for the next online anthology! This year’s theme is:

Dance and Desire: From the Body to the Page

Each anthology is lovingly compiled by Paulette and her team to share the community’s perspective on Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance® and the magic that it creates, as well as any style of dance and movement! These bodies have to move!

Whether that magic appears in the awakening connecting you have found to your body, an opening of your heart, a deeper dive into life, or just the fostering of an appreciation for life as a dance – all of us as dancers are touched by this magic of movement. In past anthologies, dancers have discussed their very first impressions of the dance, their thoughts on stage performance, their thoughts on dancing through the winter. So many have contributed lovely thoughts and words…

And now YOU can be a part of this tradition!

What’s your dance story? How do the movements, music, community, costuming make you feel? And how has the beautiful dance enriched your life and spirit? We’re hunting for some great stories to share with our global community. Whether it’s an article, poem, drawing or photograph, we’d love to share your powerful experiences. This year, we’re asking dancers to describe how dance has shaped their desires and transformed their lives.

Deadline for this next release is March 15th, 2017!

All entries will receive a pdf copy of the first two anthologies as a thank you gift for participating!
General guidelines for submission to the anthology (the weekly blog, and upcoming podcast too!) can be found at http://gypsycaravantribalbellydance.com/guest-post-guidelines/

I am delighted to already be receiving your submissions for this new Anthology. So much gratitude to have you share! I have published 2 others in the past after being so inspired by your words and experiences… see here, and it time for a new one!

women write: 

Nina Martinez–Goddess Central!


Do you get that pulse of excitement when you dance? I love the rush, the frisson of delight when the music starts and we move as one. Letting the movements flow without thought.

Those juicy steps! I love how the Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance® steps feel good on my body, the awareness of being a dancer…..feminine, elegant, strong. Through my training as a GC teacher and now Master Teacher (Level Two), I want to inspire other women to experience this feminine power, to find their inner strength, to reach for their dreams!

Teaching this format offers not only a wealth of dancer’s skills, but builds the most amazing friendships and connections. We laugh and cry. I love that we gather to celebrate the ancient ways, fresh influences, the beauty we find in our circles of dance.

We come together to dance from around the globe and in a moment its like we have never left.

What is it like to be part of the GCDC troupe? It’s like being at goddess central! What a privilege to dance with these women! This honor has taught me to believe in myself, not to settle when you can dream for the stars! This belief then carries into everything I do, enriching and energizing. Dance is a now my career and lifestyle: from teaching in my home town to leading international workshops, performing with either my tribe, Caravan Project or GCDC, to selling and creating my own tribal costumes and merchandise.

Paulette and her beautiful dance has given me the confidence to shine: to spread the light, passing on the knowledge and inspiration to my sister dancers.

Nina will be teaching Gypsy Caravan’s Collective Soul in Australia…

June 6-7, 2017 Perth Collective Soul Level 1(pre-requisite for Teacher Training)
June 6-7 Perth Collective Soul Level 3
June 26-27 Innisfail CS Level 1
June 28-29 Innisfail CS Level 2
July 3-4 Innisfail CS Level 3
Feb 2018 19-20 CSLevel 1 Hobart…
contact Nina@gypsycaravan.us

Deirdre MacDonald — grounding and challenging

391A5882-deMy Gypsy Caravan journey started in 1999 (having danced Egyptian style for 10 years) and whilst I was living in Portland Oregon in the USA (from the UK), and I’ve been hooked since! I am loving being a student, part of this global sisterhood, member of GCDC,Int, a GC Certified Master Teacher Level Two, and Director of Caravan Project UK! It keeps me fit, connected, grounded and challenged all at the same time.
The unique tribal spirit of Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance® goes way beyond technique and shapes me as a person, a teacher, a student, a wife, friend, mother…this style nurtures support and gives clarity and emphasis on the integrity in working with myself and others. I am constantly energized by this wonderful dance that opens up the best spirit and energy of collaboration, fun, and color in my students. I am honored to be here and to continue dancing and studying on my Gypsy Caravan journey with such fabulous women.

Deirdre will be teaching – more TBA!

June 2017 – Collective Soul Certifications Level One And Two, in Troon, Scotland 
Autumn 2017- Collective Soul Level One, Two (and Three possibly) in Wales
contact Deirdre@gypsycaravan.us

also in New Zealand!

NEW ZEALAND with Christine Haviland
May 25-26, 2017 South Island CHRISTCHURCH Collective Soul 1  
Jun 1-2 Lower North Island ROTORUA Collective Soul 1 
September 21-22 Upper North Island Auckland  CS1 
September 25-26 CS2 
September 27-28 CS3 with Nina
contact Christine@gypsycaravan.us

Thank you beautiful goddesses for sharing some of your experiences with the dance!
And I look forward, always, to more dancing, and now, more of your words, thoughts, dancing dreams and desires, art work, poetry for our Dance and Desire Anthology!
with gratitude,

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