How do you project a dream for yourself?

And how do you make it happen?

Good questions….

What are YOU wanting to manifest for yourself? Do you have a dream you are wanting to fulfill? Maybe a secret desire? A vacation idea? Something new you are wanting to do? Change?  Adventure into? Small or big, they are all dreams of yours.

This is just the beginning of the work I do with my coaching clients…Bringing vision into reality. Making dreams come true. Opening up to possibilities. Naming them and envisioning them. And then making action plans to bring them into being! Woo hoo… this is a beginning of the great journey that we take together.

Here are a few steps to get you started on this path.

*Write down your dreams and desires! Keep writing, and let those dreams flow out. No judging, no editing. Name those ideas you’ve had. Secret longings. Get them out of your head and on the paper!

*Just pick one, for now… Close your eyes and picture this dream. Envisioning! In detail, my friends! You want to see this picture in detail.. And see it already done… Where, who, what, smells like, tastes like, feels like. How does it make you feel to have this already done?

*How does your body feel with this dream already done? Now get up and shake it! You’ve built this dream in your head, and on paper. Now put it in your body and enjoy that feeling. Dance, walk, shake, stretch. Feel that yumminess…Get your energy and momentum up… 

*You must believe that you can have this. You need to trust yourself that you can and will do what it takes to make this happen. This is your dream, loves. This is your life! Don’t wait, don’t procrastinate, don’t put it on the shelf for tomorrow… Today is your day…

You ready to  move into this new glorious you? Build your dream, meet this love, change your life, your life as you want it?

I can help you take it further, define it better, make the steps, turn on that gorgeous belief system, move that body and feel good! As a certified transformational life coach, this is what I’m trained to do. With decades of experience, I love to do this with you, to take you on this journey of transformation… and watch you burst out and blossom, You are a badass, a mover and shaker, the divine goddess. Do you see yourself? And hey…sometimes we all need some help, some new tools to grow. And that is what I do for you…

Schedule your free 20 minute consult with me to see if we are made to work together! My clients are ready and willing to do the work, to dream big, to take their lives, their loves, their work, their abundance to the next level. Whether you are feeling stuck on a small detail, or wanting to make that huge shift in momentum, I can assist!

Are you that creative woman who needs some fresh eyes, new insights, ready for some A-Ha moments to a glorious body and life?

You can book that free chat with me here…

(So many of you are global, so if you don’t find a time in our time zones, just email me,, to request a time that will work for both of us! Easy…)

And if you already KNOW you want to do this with me now… You can choose between my three coaching packages–I am ready for you! Let’s get yourFebruary rocking…

  1. Get on Track

      2. Change your Story Breakthrough

       3. Illumination Breakthrough

Read more here…

One of my clients just posted on social media:

OH my goodness! Tonight I just had THE best coaching session with that incredible Magician Paulette Rees-Denis. She’s so much more than my Tribal Dance Mama and founder of an international bellydance style, and I’m celebrating a year of having her as my Coach. I’ve learned how to change my story and that’s so affected my attitude, success, health, and overall outlook. She’s just amazing and if any of you are looking to truly impact your life in a positive way I highly recommend her! M.N.

When this happens, well, that is the best reward for the work I love to do. to hear your successes and to see how you have built and changed and believed in yourself.

Let’s do this and make some magic happen…

And time to ask

What else is possible?

With heartfelt gratitude

Oh and last week I sent you a request to fill out a quick survey for me… and only a few of you got that memo apparently… I would REALLY love it if you could answer a couple of questions so I can get to know you, my tribe here, better, and what I can do for you! It’s quick and simple, and I truly want to know…

Pretty please!

Here is the link to the survey…

many thanks! for that…

**and if you love the idea of transformation…

Dance and Desire:

A four day movement and writing journey

With Paulette Rees-Denis,

Lynea Gillen, and Elena Lipson

Honor, Claim, Desire

I have a splendid four day retreat coming up April 27th-30th, at Breitenbush Hot Springs, a glorious mountain rustic retreat center south of Portland! This is the 24th Annual-yes I’ve been doing it that long! it is soooo good!

And I have 2 glorious women co-facilitating with me for our Dance and Desire Weekend- Lynea Gillen and Elena Lipson– it does not get better than this… we want to rock your world and watch you get your groove on, in so many ways! We are starting to get full up, space is limited, so don’t wait if this is your DREAM! A weekend for YOU… Read more here…

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