These are some words that define me, my values, what I believe in:

Presence, words, movement, tribes, fitness, transformation, law of attraction, allowing, abundance, love, laughter, dance, feeling great in this body, no mediocrity, participation, strength, mentors, coaches, students, peers,  business growth and amazing opportunities, journaling, stretching, gypsy caravan tribal bellydance, feminine power, sexuality, sensuality, beauty, more love, feel the love, share the wealth, give back and offer, creativity, fun, classes, getting outside the box, breaking down the walls, no self-sabotage, determination, great habit building, envisioning, future tripping, flying high, momentum, singing, music, more dance, books, poetry, sex, deeper love, meditation, connection, source energy, path of least resistance, and YOU…

***Thank you all for filling out my latest survey…those of you who took the time, I soooo appreciate it! Really….many thanks! (If you missed the survey, you can still take it here…)

I do love to send these surveys and questionnaires out periodically so I know who is out there in my cyberspace world, and why you are here with me! That is super important for me to know as my business and passions continue to grow and expand and diversify!

Reaching you and giving you what you are wanting and knowing why you are connected with me is part of my quest, while sharing what I have to share and diving in for those who are enjoying that journey too.

Most of you are so quiet, some of you have been on my list for years and years, some of you are new, and welcome welcome welcome! I love having you join us.

I have a few different offerings and some of you may be only interested in my MMM Coaching, Dance and Desire, and energy healing work, workshops, (plus the new programs that will be coming your way with that!), some of you in the new Tribal Grooves(™) sensation and becoming a teacher and a leader for that, and some of you in traditional Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance® and the programs I offer, along with online classes and certifications. And now there is the new Heart and Hustle: Visionary Healers, Movers, and Shakers, TV/podcast series (subscribe on youtube here!) And you might be curious about ALL of them.

There are ways to segments email lists that I will be in the process of converting to, and I don’t want to lose you. This will take a bit more time and research and I may be switching email list programs and dividing up your desires. And all of that takes professional help and money ( Ha, sounds like therapy!)

So that is one reason why I like to know who you are and why you are joining us!

Do you still want to be here with me is a big question, as I see folks joining lists left and right, but never reading them or really caring about the  subject or wanting to participate. (Did you know it actually costs me money to have you on my list, which I don’t mind at all as long as you really want to be here)

Soooo…. I really want you to want to be here with me, and with our continuously growing tribe! That is all very exciting, but not if I’m not rocking your boat with my offerings, musings, my coaching inspirations, and the sharings of our tribe,,, if this is not what you are here for, please feel free to unsubscribe and fill your inbox with what you truly desire! Make sense?

I love participation, I love inspiration, I love to hear from you and know what is rockin your world, and share with you what is rocking mine!

It takes commitment to keep a blog going… I freakin love it…I’ve had this blog going in some shape and form for 20 plus years! Wow… I love writing and networking, as seen in my new TV series, Heart and Hustle: Visionary Healers, Movers, and Shakers… giving you moments, heartbeats, deep breaths, years worth of how-to’s, want-to’s, and experiences and adventures.

But again, only if you want it… so as I am cleaning up my website, cleaning house, fine tuning my business offerings, writing new courses that I hear you wanting, that are calling me to share. I sure don’t want to be baggage on your end… I am getting rid of my clutter too… so much out there these days. Know what I mean?

That being said, I am over the moon delighted that you are here if you want to be, if you want to participate, if you find my words and journeys delightful and inspiring, if you are desiring to learn and prosper from what I have to offer…

I want to live MY life of FULL participation, in what I want to have in my life….none of this half-assed, yeah maybe some day stuff… but full on peeps, you too! Because that is one of the reasons you are attracted to me, right?

If you are LOVING being here, let me know! Say something in the comments below! Please stay and shine and grow and share and make this a delightful part of your week! I adore you and am so glad you are here as part of our growing global tribe!


That is what I want in all aspects of my life… isn’t that what you want?


Body awareness

Feel goodness

And feel my goddess-ship!

The times, they keep on changing, and ain’t that just so much freaking fun! You in?

With full on gratitude and delight and excitement for the future!


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