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Heart and Hustle and

a gratitude opportunity with an invitation!

Heart and Hustle : Visionary Healers, Movers, and Shakers

Today with special guest, Helen McConnell

We has such a blast talking about EFT–tapping into health and wealth, transformation, and all thing Helen! Have a listen, watch and  enjoy…

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And now!

Feel that heartfelt power emanating from you…

Gratitude Opportunity :: 21 FOR 21!
STARTING MONDAY MARCH 20, but really you can start this at any moment and the time will be right!
Come on over to Dance and Desire and join us!

Some people call this a challenge, to get you motivated… I wanted to call it an opportunity, for you to do this for yourself… and feel that gratefulness in your body, bones, heart, and soul.

What are you thankful for?

Simple and it feels so good to state what you have circling around in your brain… taking a few minutes or more everyday for 21 days, writing a list of 21 things you grateful for in your life! Small or big… taking that special time to notice and acknowledge and fill your heart… I”ll share my first day’s list down below… but come on over and join us on our private FB Dance and Desire page to share and be inspired…

More info on Helen!

Meet Helen McConnell : :  Certified EFT/Meridian Tapping Practitioner

Helen is a Personal Transformation Specialist. That means she can help you make the really big changes you want to make in your life – relatively easily and effectively. She specializes in helping people identify and release out-of-date and Limiting Beliefs and old, negative Thought Patterns – those are the things that block us from our big dreams. The majority of people live by default and habit – succumbing to repetitive thought patterns and unconscious beliefs. How would you like to Live by Design – where you consciously create your life? Helen can show you how it’s not only possible, but the means to do so are literally at your fingertips! She works her magic with individuals and groups – in person, by phone, and by Skype.

Enjoy this edition of Heart and Hustle, and join our gratitude journey…share your thoughts!

So delighted you are here…




21 thoughts on gratitude!

Day 1 –1. my strong healthy body, 2. my man, 3. my furkids, 4. my amazing still new home 5. the spring blooms that make my heart happy 6. my 7 am morning run that instills me with life 7. my opportunities 8. my good friends 9. music 10. dancing daily 11. strumming my guitar 12. the first BBQ of the year last night! 13. the wonderful people in my life 14. YOU gals here on this page 15. my mastermind group 16. my coaching clients 17. the ability and desire to share my coaching 18. volunteer work at the humane society 19. being in alignment and feeling that connection 20. traveling to connect 21. my upcoming workshops and retreats! OK, starts to get deeper as I go…

Now… Yours….

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