Hey friends…

How is this bloom bursting April going for you? I love being out on my daily morning run and seeing how the neighborhood gardens are changing so dramatically every day, with the spring buds peeking out, petals unfurling, and then busting open to full on life in just a few days…

Full on life…No decisions to make on that, is there for those buds? They just do it. That is their growth cycle, depending on the weather.

But us humans, on the other hand, have lots of choices, decisions to be made. I did a Facebook Live the other day (https://www.facebook.com/paulettereesdenis/), talking about making decisions, waffling back and forth, not being able to connect in with ourselves about what we truly want, even for dinner! (And I hope to be coming to you on Facebook live once a week!)

So what helps in making decisions? Knowing you have a choice is very empowering. I think that word, Choosing, feels very affirmative.  A choice…Listening to your own heart and body and soul is key. What is it you really want and need?

Quiet down, take a few deep breaths, and feel what resonates with you. Does that choice feel good or feel sticky? Does it bring relief? Make your shoulders straighten up, or sag forward?Does it make your breath slow down in ease or speed up in not good way? No one else knows but you. And only you can make making that choice easy or hard. You can put up obstacles, or you can step into it, and say, And what does sitting in indecisiveness feel like to you?

Say this —Now is the time. Now is my time.

And do it. Yes, or No. People. Step into your heart, into your power, Don’t wait.

Here are a few simple steps, to help you on your way after slowing down and bringing yourself into your heart.

  1. Focus — bring your attention into the moment, be truly present, and ask yourself what you want and need. Notice how your body reacts.
  2. Why — that is my big question these days.. What is your why? Why do you, or don’t you, want that “thing”, to do it, have it, get rid of it, leave, stay, change… you have to know your why. What does that really meant to you? That brings so much clarity.
  3. What are you going to do about it? Once you know what you want to do, what are your steps to do it? When you come to your desired choice, you will realize how easy it really is to stand up and do it. It is that feel good moment… that moment of trusting yourself, of committing to yourself. Of Hell yes…Name your steps, and then step into them…with your heart open, your shoulders straight, and knowing this is what you want.

Now, how good is that feeling to you? Commit yourself to your own fulfillment! 

Woo hoo.. then have yourself a party!

And let me know how that goes for you…Share your choice and your ah-ha moments with us…

thanks my lovelies, and here is to you living full on!








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