Heart and Hustle :: with guest Samantha Fox Olson

She is a yogini, fitness guru, feminine powerhouse, heart follower…and I am delighted to share a bit of her with you…

Welcome to another edition of Heart and Hustle… with flow and miracles and passions and rollercoastering, and ease and grace!

We have a great discussion of how to allow ourselves to follow our heart, how to hear what your heart is saying and DO IT!

If you don’t fail, what courageous life can you live?

Living to the fullest… that’s what I’m talking about people…  I hope you enjoy our chat, and you can catch up  with Sam on her site or on her retreat… so sit back, grab a cuppa, and enjoy the energy of our chat.

And then share in the comments what inspired you, what got you more connected with yourself or your dreams!

Thanks for being here… and please do share this with anyone who needs this boost…




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have been instructing movement through disciplines of either gymnastics, dance and yoga for over 24 years now. Wow, that number trips me out. In 2000 I began teaching yoga and became a certified Anusara yoga instructor in 2005. In 2010 I brought fitness training onto my yoga mat and began infusing the two practices, and haven’t looked back since.

Yet even back before all those 20+ years of teaching I grew up as a competitive gymnast and since the age of 9 have been surrounded by high quality instructors, exploring in the art of making awesomeness with our bodies! Now, at the age of 40 I am training for my first bikini body building competition.

My practices and deepest intention behind my practice has changed and transformed sweetly through out these years. Having a very strong competitive gymnastics background and even competing one year on scholarship in college, I have certainly been fueled with the desire to accomplish big tricks, even if that meant effort my way into them if I needed to. I have even lived years of my life in battle with my body, throwing up my food was a norm for me for years, and although I loved flipping and dancing, etc. in my body, I spent a long time hating what my body looked like and being really mean to my body verbally, energetically and physically. That had it’s time and place for me, yet now I am way more concerned with the FEELING of my practice and I use yoga and fitness as gifts to my body. I do find pleasure in expanding my boundaries and love love love challenging my body, yet now it’s with a playful and loving spirit.

I am so grateful that this practice shows myself to me. How cool is that?! I delight in creating less resistance, more space, less auto-pilot mode, more deliberate expression, less judgement, more freedom. It is one of my biggest joys to share this practice with others, to be in connection with amazing beings and celebrate our infinite potential.

What if this our bodies were meant to be yummy and delicious? What if you could offer gratitude, love, appreciation and reverence with every pose and exercise and feel it’s resonance inside of every cell? What if you could take this practice off your mat and into every area of your life? What if this was a FUN component to designing your dream body? What if it didn’t have to be a drag, but total joy to workout and move your body?

Some yoga teachers from my past include John Friend, Desiree Rumbaugh, and Sianna Sherman. I received a Diploma in Ayurveda Sciences in 2006. Presently, my most loyal and devoted teacher is my young daughter Kaili. I am married to the man of my dreams, we live on our farm on the north shore of Kauai where I have a humble and amazing yurt as my yoga and fitness studio. Sometimes I have to pinch myself to make sure I am not dreaming. How much more amazing can living this life get?

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