Heart and Hustle :: with guest Barbra Gilman, our 11th edition!

What else is possible?

Woohoo, listen in to this lively discussion between Barbra and myself about her growing up in New York City and starting her spiritual journey and career in the 70’s, and her continuing path into the energy and consciousness worlds as a speaker, coach, healer, author and writer. Her passion and life’s work is Access Consciousness. And living full on with play and joy!
Her new book is called, “Whatever the Fuck It Takes“!

Enjoy this edition… So glad you are hear to listen to my ongoing series! Share with your friends, and share your takeaways in the comments!

More about Barbra Gilman — Transformational Coach

Do you know in your heart there is more for you in this life? Is there a little voice inside you telling you that you are amazing and can have it all? Are you wondering how to tap into how great you really are?

What possibilities could you create if you could turn everything that seems to be holding you back around to claim, own and acknowledge the greatness you actually are?

Imagine that your life is your greatest creation, and you author every scene, moment by moment. Consciousness is choosing to know and act from this space. We are all miraculous creators, and being conscious of how we create and what we create is an art. I assist people master that art. I help empower people to step beyond the boundaries of their comfort zones – to claim their gifts and talents, and then show up in the world as an inspiration and invitation to what is possible when we choose for us and not against us!
The quickest way to activate a transformation in life is not to change what you DO, but to shift the energy of HOW you function in life. Quantum physics tell us that wherever you focus is where energy flows — and most people focus on what is not working. When you do that you solidify the energy and it is locked in place creating limitation.

Access Consciousness is a set of simple and amazing tools, techniques and philosophies that you can start to use immediately, that allow you to create dynamic change in every area of your life, with your body and with you. There is nothing like Access Consciousness anywhere. It is the weirdest, fastest and funniest way you’ll ever find to enable you to embrace a place of infinite possibilities that reside within each of us.

Be the conscious artist in your own life.  Learn the art of creating yourself moment by moment; then see how the world miraculously changes around you.
The world changes when people change.  And it all starts with you….Being YOU and changing the world!

Author of The Unofficial Guide for Living Successfully on Planet Earth, and currently finishing her next book Whatever the F*UCK it Takes! Barbra is the contributing author of An Indigo Celebration and The Indigo Children Ten Years Later.

Barbra Gilman has over thirty years experience as a therapist/coach.  She is the founder of Success Strategies For Life, and Wild Women Choosing…wtfit!, a Certified Access Consciousness Facilitator offering energy tools and techniques along with her intuitive knowing –enabling people to create new possibilities as they clear the energy of their limitations.

Barbra developed “Conscious Parenting for a New Paradigm.” and served as the Director of Family Education for Neale Donald Walsch’s  Heartlight Education and the Center for Spiritual Awareness. She has hosted her own radio show, “Conscious Choices.”

BARBRAGILMAN.COM  //   WildWomenChoosing.com



Have an amazing week and see you again soon…

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