Hello from Ohio!

I am visiting my mom and family in Ohio this week, plus teaching a Tribal Grooves Teacher Training and two workshops here this weekend. This is the last of my teaching for the summer (except for some at-home classes) and it has been a most fabulous several months and then some, a whirlwind of global travel, teaching, personal growth, coaching, and my newest series, Heart And Hustle: Visionary Healers, Movers, and Shakers!

Talk about gratitude! How grateful I am to have flown, taught, and studied for the past 8 + months, from Australia, New Zealand, Hawaii, Fiji, Mexico, Florida, Ohio, and retreats around Oregon. Whoa… how fun is that? And jam-packed with physical, spiritual, emotional, and brain goodness! This has included leading major intensives, certifying teachers and Master teachers in Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance® and Tribal Grooves™, added on top of lots of dance workshops and retreats, continuing to see a few select clients for my MMM Transformational  Lifestyle Coaching, interviewing amazing women for Heart and Hustle, running the business, and still taking time for my own continuing personal and  study and business growth. How proud am I of all the dancers and teachers who have stepped it up, and danced into their glory, their womanhood, their dreams. To be able to witness the dancers grow on their journey, take on the challenges and the opportunities given them, lay out their plans, meet and dance wth their global tribe, confirm their desires, be astonished at what they, in fact, can achieve and accomplish…just an amazing time for me and all of you!

That is not to say that it has been easy for me or them! I have held them when their tears flow with the frustration of the body not being in synch with the brain, or when anger takes over their rocky road of ego (oh, that ego!) versus being fully present with time reality in learning new skills. One of the beauties of this dance is how it is different for everyone and everyone’s body, and I continue to pontificate on how each of us learn at different tempos, with different rhythms for their bodies and places in life. It can be hard to see your sisters learn a step or two faster or slower than you, or when you can’t remember everything given you in one day, but to remember that that is not the point of the dance. I never expect that of you… but to honor, accept, and LOVE where you are, at the moment, and to enjoy the ride of the journey…to not place blame on or compare yourself to others, but to allow the flow of the process… that is the true spirit of growing into the dance… the lifestyle… the spirit of tribal.

To honor, accept, and LOVE where you are, at the moment, and to enjoy the ride…not to place blame on or compare yourself to others, but to allow the flow of the process, to allow the beauty of you to unfold... to allow your journey…that is the true spirit of growing into the dance, your dance… plus the lifestyle… the spirit of tribal…and all that goes with it. And to support, encourage yourself on your personal journey, not to rush and try to be somewhere you are not ready to be, or someone you are not… does that make sense? Love where and who you are, and what you have done, and where you have been, as you move forward at your own pace, in your own special time. Wow, now THAT is a thing of beauty. That is what rocks my world. The diversification of this dance is so empowering and so beautiful.

I continue to learn as I teach, as I watch and listen to what others experience, part of my journey as a coach and teacher. I so love the process of teaching and coaching. Following my soul purpose in life, I, too, enjoy my journey, developing even further my skills, ever expanding what I can serve you best with, as I widen and open up my coaching services to share with you the best choices and tools, for you to be the best YOU, for you to take time for YOU, to grow into your dreams and lifestyle and business goals. I see my clients and students expand, and take on their bodies, their business dreams, their life changes, with momentum and delight. And really move into their own life, what they truly desire for themselves, to be their authentic and true self, to be fully happy and healthy and better able to serve their purpose in life too! ( And yes, I see some of you who waffle around and are lackadaisical about getting on with your dreams and your life. When is your time, my friends? How about now!)

I reflect back on these last several months, with a smile, and a bursting heart, as a proud mama and a pleased teacher. I continue to pass on the dance, the skills, the knowledge, the creative processes, the coaching tools, to the clients, students, teachers, and the master teachers, honoring what I have built, but especially honoring all those who have chosen this path for themselves. Your path. I am full of gratitude, love, pride.

Mostly I see the world becoming a better place, with smiling faces, empowered women and men, personal beauty, physical and emotional strength, fierce independence yet a continuing connection, spiritual joy, intense loyalty, expanding opportunities, creative integrity, big hunks of love, as well as supportive and exciting communities–both at home and globally. This is remarkable, outstanding, thrilling, and rewarding. 

YOU, are making a difference in the world. I thank you for that!

Thank you for your journey and all you do, and for being here…





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Heart and Hustle :: Visionary Healers, Movers, and Shakers

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