Happy weekend to you my friends!

My Friday newsletter blog has taken on so many shapes and sizes to you over the years… from physical mailings, to What is Rockin my world Fridays (connecting you to gooey global goodness), to non-existent mailings, to switch ups to other days…and there it is…sometimes my blog comes to you on Mondays, Heart and Hustle comes to you every other Tuesday, and often when there are new offerings. Some people in the blogging world say you must be uber consistent and send out your blog on the same day every week, but that is hard for me to uphold. With travels and life, and just stuff, you know… so I hope it works for you that I send you updates and news and musings and stories and poems as the muse finds me, comes through me, like the dance! So we have it! Divine intervention, source energy, creation force at its finest!

And today I share a poem, or as I call my latest writings, a life short! I came out of the poetry closet not long ago, 🙂 , and recently did two live poetry readings, (met with great support and people waiting for my new poetry book!) Dang. Now I can dance and teach in front of hundreds, but read my poetry to a small group. I was Neeerrrrvvvous… but I did it, And. Loved. It!

So this poem, was inspired by one of my dancing sister student friend, Peggy. Thanks Peggy for all that you are!

I am a reflection of you


I can help you find it

Follow my feet

            To find your path and connect you to the earth

Follow my knees

            To allow the bend and sway

            For the strength to stand

            Tall while having the freedom to rock in any direction

Follow my legs

            To teach you four steps forward

            Four steps back

            Sidewinding or perfect in stillness

Follow my hips

            To circle and feel so good

            For your own fertility

            Finding your creative feminine force

            Your essence

Follow my belly

            For the breath of fluidity

            The undulation of woman hood

            The curvature of beauty

My breasts for the shaking and showing

            The immodesty of beauty

Follow my shoulders that shimmy and sometimes fold forward to hide

            Or open up to fly,

            Held back to be brave and prideful and courageous

My neck to be straight and strong    

            That neck that holds up the head high

The head

            That speaks and listens and hears

            That tastes and nourishes

            That sees and smiles and cries

            That thinks and then doesn’t think

Follow my eyes to see my moves

Follow my moves to create your circle

            To raise your energy

            Our energy

            To make your magic

            To find your belief in your womanhood

            Your place here, in aliveness

            In wholeness, happiness

You can follow me until you are ready to go it alone

            To see the sparkle of your life

            The shimmer and glimmer and glisten of you

            As I am a reflection of you

Have a most blessed weekend… walk with passion… live your moments… love with fire…glisten and shimmer and glimmer, baby!

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