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Being on the road so much, and coming into contact with lots of people in so many different places, restaurants, airports, stores, and in my classes and workshops. I see trends. People rushing around, saying little snippets of conversations that they really aren’t thinking about.  And apologizing for things they have no need to be “sorry” about.

Friends, are you one of those who have rote answers and questions?.

When asked, How are you? Do you say, Fine, thanks, and you?


I”m busy, good but busy.

And do you ask someone the same questions just trying to be nice?

And how many times a day do you say, Sorry, I’m sorry?

What does all that mean exactly? Are you letting the day slip by being on autopilot?

What if you really looked at who you were talking to in the grocery store? The clerk, yes, they are supposed to be “nice”, but what if you had a sweet little conversation with them that made you both smile and enjoy the transaction? How pleasant would those ten minutes be, and probably put a little skip in your step! And theirs!

Like, Wow, you look great in that color ( and mean it). Or What are your superpowers today? ( I love asking people that one! Always takes them by surprise 🙂 )

But it’s the I’m sorry words I hear so much these days. Women apologizing for everything. For being late, for bumping into you, for making a mistake, for making excuses, for nothing.

In my workshops often, I hear women ( because that is who I teach predominantly) belittling themselves, or making up an excuse, by saying I’m sorry a lot. Perhaps I am giving them some correction on a dance move ( my job to help them), and instead of listening with grace and gratitude, and hearing what I have to say to assist them, they say, I”m sorry, I’ve had rough day, or I’m sorry, I’m tired. Or I”m sorry, my back hurts.

As a teacher sometimes I need to know those things, but usually not.

Maybe I see some beauty about to shine through them and give them some sort of inspired ideas, and they say, I’m sorry, I’m just can’t’ do that. Or I’m sorry, I’m not good enough.

Feel that energy shift? Kapow…down you both go…

And sadly, I hear these words so often.

Or how about when you compliment someone  by saying how lovely that dress is and they say,

What? This old thing? How does that make both of you feel?

Do you know what I’m talking about? Have you been on both sides of those conversations?

What happens when you hear that or say that? Can you feel the energy shift? Bring yourself down a notch or four? Make you feel small? That does not feel good, to either person talking. Or the whole of humanity.

What can you do to shift that? To step it up? To raise the energy? To feel better in a quick conversation. To feel better in your day? To feel better about yourself?

What words can do are shift your energy, your mood, your entire day. You can change your story by changing the words you use.

Change your words, change your story, change your life!

(Yep, that is the main inspiration and philosophy behind my coaching and my courses.)

What can you shift? Think about it. What words light you up when you say them? What do you see when you pass someone on the street? Will you accept a compliment or a correction? Can you not be sorry?  What questions can you ask the person at the market?

Do you have some favorites words and phrases you care to share? Try them on someone today and see what happens! We can walk forward with beautiful intention, with our hearts open, our heads up, our wanting to make the world a brighter and happier and friendlier place.

We can love ourselves a lot more, in our imperfect ways, and shine our light on all we touch.

How would that be?

Something to think about and take a look at….

With so much appreciation for you…



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