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Last week on Facebook Live I shared a new poem, and talked about opening up to wonder and allowing time to be your friend! I call my poetry, my Life Shorts I’ll share it with you below, but first I want to talk more about owning time, making time your friend, and taking time for yourself!

I love that I have been able to give myself more down time, more reflective time. I’ve scheduled it in, or in some cases NOT scheduled in anything else! I’ve settled back into my home life after lots of road trips over the past months, and I am loving it. Getting refocused, setting new priorities, for both myself and my work projects. Realizing, again, how sweet and necessary, and important, it is to have those quiet times every day. For me, I have that so I build my business, create the new courses, to rest myself, the ultimate in self-love, to bring my dreams to the forefront and make them happen! Non-negotiable. And super freakin’ powerful!

There are “things” that I do every day, that feed me, that keep me sane, that allow me the life I have designed and created for myself, as a coach, a teacher, a traveler, a poet, a writer, a musician, a bodyworker/healer, a wife, a lover, a friend, a giver, a mother, a daughter, a sister, and all that I am! Those are non-negotiables. And having that down time, that reflective time, that meditative time, that play time, keeps me fresh, open to receive, able to give. Allowing me to have this life! It keeps me connected with myself, and with source energy, my god, my universal oneness. Oh, yes, I know when I slip up. Even I have a hard time saying NO sometimes, too. Do you?

Do you put things and other people in front of you? Before you get to you-time? And how does that feel? A bit of self-sabotage, a bit of rebelliousness, a bit of laziness. Probably feeling like crap sometimes too. Are you lackadaisical? Are you too damn comfortable? Are you settling? How does that make you feel? Definitely not like a million bucks, right?

How do you really want to feel? In your skin? Mind? Body?

With that special time every day, I focus on what I want. That way I stay in alignment with those desires, I have CLARITY! ( I talk about clarity a lot, especially to my client and students when they are writing!) Clarity is power!

With this time I’ve been able to take on new clients! Woo hoo…I have been so blessed and inspired over the last few weeks by my new clients and the work they are doing. First, to ask for assistance–that’s HUGE! Then, stepping up into their dreams, committing to themselves to do the work to get there, to dig in deep, to allow, and also to let go, … This is big work. 

As a Transformational Lifestyle Coach this is so rewarding for me to do this work with them. To see the changes, some fast, and some slow…and owning it.

What do I do as a coach? A Transformational Lifestye Coach? More importantly, what do YOU do when you are coached by me?

I teach women how to transform their lives and their lifestyles by giving them tools to change their words, their stories, their bodies. So, YOU learn to allow yourself to envision your possibilities honoring yourself and your deepest desires. You make decisions to take small and big leaps to find your zone of genius–no more settling. No more self-sabotage, dear rebels! And you take action. Magic action! You bring the fun back. Let go of what holds you back. No more excuses. Your momentum builds. Feel it? Heart pumping. Body moving. Ideas brewing. Action taking. Focus, Clarity, Desires. Goals. You find peace, connection, excitement, and fulfillment, the ultimate level of success in your personal and business life, following your dreams and passions!

Have you ever thought about getting a coach? Feeling the need for something more? Are you feeling stuck?(Oh, I know that one!) Can’t get there from here. Couldn’t possibly go after what I want. Tone up this body? What, me make more money? Make a change? Scary shit… … Do you say those things to yourself? Are you ready to launch those desires?

Even I have a coach, and she says “Yes, you can (and should) hire coaches, join groups led by sages in your field, make time for retreats.”  Find your peeps. Accountability, friends!And join your tribe! (Like our private Dance and Desire group here! Join us)

So I am opening up some time slots for July, and I would love to give you a free 20-minute Discovery Session with me. This is for me to find out what you are desiring, the changes you want to make, to quit with the self-sabotage and open up for abundance, success, and love! And for you to ask and see what I can do to help.

Click here to schedule your Discovery Session with me…

Sounds awesome, right? Is this your time? If so, let’s set up a time to talk about what I can do for you to get you moving and grooving in your life and body! Woo hoo.Go here and make that time for YOU with a free call with me and check out my coaching services. I look forward to talking with you. Let’s get YOU on your calendar now…

What else is possible for you?

And below is my newest Life Short!

Opening to the Wonder
Things have shifted.
I have a new space
inside me
It’s been crying for me for a long time.
To find it
acknowledge it
open it
celebrate it
the space of lightness
of forgiveness
of knowing
of desiring
of believing
and of allowing
the fruition of patience, consistency, and perseverance
rewards me with the opening 
the freedom of flight
the celebration of the release
the ritual of allowance
the magic of the newness of life each day 
the wonder of the wanderer
to acknowledge the amazement
     of how time has become my friend
of how stepping it up
     feeds me in ways of no other
the genius unfolds with spirit
     with words
     with heart and soul felt sanctitude
blowing stars through the sand
a collage of the future dreams I hold
the opening of my womanness
the pulse of what is to come
the energy of the Hell Yeah
burning deep and wide and over the freakin’ top
opening to the wonder…
Paulette Rees-Denis
June 2017
Enjoy this, and enjoy your weekend, and I am certain if you have the calling and desire, that I will talk with you soon. So much love for you…
and gratitude
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