What do you do with your wild and crazy life?

When someone asks you what you do, do you give a shrug and say something short and simple, like Oh, I’m a nurse, or, I’m in sales? Without giving too much thought to your answer… not truly acknowledging what you really do? Or maybe not really knowing how to answer that and step into your glory?

How about that, how about stepping into your glory by stating what you REALLY do and WHY you do it? Now that would be a great conversation, full of interest and intrigue!

I had a client recently tell me she thought she was fairly boring. She did not know how to answer the question,outloud, of what makes her unique and special. We worked together on this, diving into her dreams and passions, putting words to her desires, speaking out loud about her truly fascinating self. And she is truly fascinating! It was a revelation for her to step into her beautiful self and own it, present herself, and not just what she enjoys doing but why… the big why. What a fabulous practice to go through with her and watch her soul light up!

Of course the question, What do you do? is a pretty standard, simple, and boring question. You could ask, What do you spend your time doing? or, What thrills you about your life? or, What is your superpower? 

I could say I’m a lifestyle coach, and I create change for my clients... fine, but what I really do is this…

As a transformational lifestyle coach, I want you to shine and live full on with everyday magic! I am passionate about helping you find your passion so you can live to your full potential, uncover your blocks, and get you out of self-sabotage mode.

I will kick your booty, show you how to change your words and your mindset, get clarity, be audacious, create and design the life you desire, find what’s missing, and hold you accountable to do the work. Ultimately, t’s about feeling great, moving your body and your energy, and creating joyous abundance and happiness in your life. Plus we have a great time uncovering your dreams and making them happen. 

How does that sound? Ha, I would hire me!

Now, how about you? What can you say about yourself that would show me how and what you do, with passion and excitement? Want to try? Start writing down some words about you. Write what you love to do and why. ( Like, Why are you a nurse? or What about being in sales lights you up? What do you do for others?) Play with words and how they resonate in your body. How does doing that special thing make you feel? What are your superpowers?

Share with us in the comments. And tell me how it feels to do that! Woo hoo…I would love to know more about you.

Thanks for joining in…have a great weekend my friends…




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