The bounty of friendship

The other day, I invited a small group of women friends over for a rather spur of the moment celebration party for my 60th birthday. I wanted to celebrate them, their friendship, and honor our relationships. Plus you all know how I love to bring people together…And it was glorious! The women, the food, the drink, the laughter, the stories, the presents and cards… an overflowing evening of abundance.

I felt honored, and I allowed myself to feel it. Do you know what I mean? Can you accept and allow people to really love you, and tell you, and compliment you, and can you truly feel that in your heart and soul, and ACCEPT it! Vulnerability, openness, honesty… it was magnificent. I allowed presents to be bestowed upon me, and that was sooooo much fun ( I haven’t done that for my birthday in years and years!) Such beauty, the women, and the candlelight, and the fountain, and the platters of yumminess, the songs, and the full moon peeking at us, and mostly just being really present amidst these amazing friends and to share with them this whole experience. And to honor them back…


and I would love to share the life short I wrote the next morning, as I reveled in the gifts and cards and memories of the night before…

I also talked a bit about this and the idea of Focus on my Facebook Live last can view here….

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The Bounty of Friendship

Piles of colored tissue paper

Lay scattered, as if a night of wild sex

But love making for sure, as I tore through

The gifts of abundance…

Within the Venusian temple

I reflect and highlight the spirit of this bounty

Fly away, childlike, and crumpled,

In every color of the spectrum

Makes me giddy at the splendor and the simplicity

Of a gift

A gift of magic and joy

Heartfelt opening to the

Bearhugs and toothful smiles

And audacious thoughtfulness

The kindness of truth flowing

As words spoken out loud

From a select circle of power and beauty

Women in my life

The exquisite multitude of gifted rainbow roses

Opening up to full bloom, like us,

Like the facets of deepening friendships

Sparkling like gemstones

In every direction

Allowing each one in turn

To share and bloom, to inspire and co-create together

I feel it now, a renewal, but

Maybe for the first time

I said come and celebrate with me

With fruits and drinks and candlelight

On a warm summer night, intoxicated

With the warmth on my skin

And the glow in my soul

A circle of strangers, but sisters to be

Sharing tales and songs and prayers, the nuances

Of the first date

I feel so deep inside the importance,

The significance, now, of

Women in my life

Does it really take 60 years to learn

How to have friends? To allow friendship deep…

The necessity of celebration

And allowing others to celebrate you, with you, for you, beside you

I did not say, no presents please

And they came complete with hugs and bags and platters of goodness

Ah, the bounty of gorgeousness and goddessness

And true delight in the unfolding of the evening

Complete with tears and words and colors, and that tissue paper crinkles of delight

Beauty and thoughtfulness, goddesses each one

60 bronze beads spilling over, for each year so far,

tumbling, allowing the flow

The renewal  and the rekindling

Of enjoyment

Of chillin’ with the women

Of such ease and flow…

Of pure delight…

Tiara-wearing, sparkling and alive, I received it all,

And I honored each one, from the connection yet on a different path

On my journey, assorted colors

The full moon rising above us, to mark this perfection of connection,

Marking this time

My cup runneth over, overflowing

With the goodness and the grace

And the fierceness, and the necessity,

Of this bounty of love.

Enjoy those thoughts my friends, and go out and honor your friendships…

so much love,









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