Stepping into your Magnificence!

Happy Friday my friends!

This week, actually the whole month of September, is zipping by so fast, or maybe I am just on the fast train! Lots going on, and I so love this time of year here in the Pac NW — the crisp air, especially on my morning run, the fall shades of goldens and coppers and yellows, the floating leaves making their way to the earth, the bounty of the gardens, colorful zinnias and dahlias always adorning my countertop, and then bam, the rains come.

A beautiful time for some introspection, of what has gone on all summer–the road trips, completed projects, friends gathering together for outdoor parties, work dreams fulfilled or put aside, lazily lounging with a good book ( my fav!) ( and there is a plethora of amazing books on my list to read!). What have you been doing? Have you been energized and inspired? Are you ready to kick into a different gear now? Do you find yourself slowing down or gearing up? Do you need a reboot? A detox? I do find a mindshift as well as a body shift at this time of year and take special time to pay attention to what I am needing. I had an 1 1/2 hour acupuncture appointment yesterday to tune up my whole being (heaven!). I find myself spending a bit more time journaling. I am drinking more green juices and water and enjoying the fall veggies, watching my food intake as my body changes with the season. Do you notice a change in your mindset? Body? Desires?

On my Facebook Live, Let’s Talk, this week I talked about stepping it up. (Missed it? You can view it here) What’s holding you back from stepping into your magnificence? What are you afraid of? Are you waiting for tomorrow? What if you fall down? What if it fails? Then you keep living and moving forward, and try again. Feel the energy shift in you when you start to go after that dream. Feel the fear subside after you take that first step. Surround yourself with beauty and amazing friends. Feel the lightness in your shoulders as you move into more of YOU. Love yourself my friends!

I challenge you to do something different this next week, to try something new you’ve always wanted to do, to go get that “thing” you’ve been putting off, to sign up for that course you’ve wanted to take, to hire a coach, to get an assistant, call that long lost friend, ask someone on a date, take that dance class, plan your weight loss program and start it, write down that dream job, envision your possibilities! Allow yourself to shine a little brighter, inside, for you, and notice how that feels. How does your world change when you do this? How do those around you change? How do those around you change?  And then tell me about it! Share it with us…Woo hoo and celebrate your sweet self!

Do you feel the joy, the empowerment, the abundance of your life? And don’t forget to let the gratitude flow…. ahh… so good!

*Do you need some guidance and clarity around this idea of stepping it up? Of going after those dreams to make them a reality? Are you tired of settling for less than?

I invite you to take the opportunity to talk with me! I offer you a free consult, a discovery session, to find out what you are desiring and how we can work together to step up fully and live big…I am your Transformational Lifestyle Coach! Schedule your free session with me now, here! Let’s do this!

with appreciation that you are here for our journey together!



a heads up

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