Hey friends,

a full moon is upon us, my words are flowing… thought I would share a new life-short (aka poem) with you!

Bridging the Bridge 


The gem-studded bridge

Wasn’t burned

Reaches long, and high, and wide

To carry the multitude of visions

Passing through the ancient to contemporary trails, and tales

It takes me on insightful journeys

Deep into my past

Deep in the woods, deeper in the body quakes

And the soul shakes, and the heartbreaks

As well as the heart openers, the soul stirrers, and the body shifters

Connecting me with the present moments

High on the arch, riding the clouds of desires,

Sparkling and shiny, glistening and shimmying

Form the body to the page and back again

The dreams remain interwoven

The love spreads wide, the ropes, the fabric of that bridge

Tied, broken sewed, shared, taught, taken

Ripped apart, unveiled, and patched

Desiring not to burn it down

Making trails for new intersections,

Generations, standing strong, built

Of iron and will and gratitude, in beauty.

Paulette Rees-Denis

What’s up?

**I am honored to be featured on Vanessa Couto‘s podcast, Intersection Interviews Series … Liminal Astro Coaching podcast,

Vanessa writes: “Visibility is the juxtaposition of our ability to receive and be vulnerable. This month I had the joy of speaking to Paulette Rees-Denis on the topic: Alchemy of Visibility.

Catch the interview here: http://bit.ly/2xBpcFi
and here:


Check it out and let us know your thoughts…

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