For those of you who celebrate today, Happy Thanksgiving…

and for all of you, I would love to extend heartfelt gratitude to you for being here, for encouraging me to share my gifts, for supporting me in so many ways, for inspiring me, for being part of our global tribe in every which way, and for sharing your gifts and beauty too.

Today, and always,

May you find inner peace

may you feel deep love

may you love your body and your self fully

may you share in the bounty of good food

may you take a deep breath

may you remember

may you take five for quiet stillness

may you wrap your arms around all you meet

may you open your eyes and your heart to the surrounding beauty

may your creative spirit shine

may you live your truest desires

may you sip slowly and savor

may you hear the sounds of joy and silence

may you experience this wondrous life

may you always find inspiration

may you share, give, and receive with pleasure and delight

may you honor your creative spirit

may you stretch your limbs and your wings

may you have deep conversations

may you always walk with your superpowers

may you always work with passion

may you always dance with abandon

may you look into the eyes of your companions

may you bring no harm to any living creature

may you smell  the incense of magic

may you live in total well-being

may you walk lightly

may you always have all the support you need

may you always be there for your others

may you be the badass you are meant to be

may you feel the goodness of gratitude

and let it expand your wholeness…

with so much peace and love,

I thank you…

Share this gratitude blessing with all you love! 

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