Illumination registration deadline…tomorrow!

Are you ready to live lit up? To illuminate yourself? To join in a small women’s group for support and inspiration? To bring in daily with what rings your chimes, makes your heart happy, makes your life expand into pure gloriousness? Makes your body glow? To feel in true alignment with your desires and what you have been wanting? Get your soul goals up and running! As we start the new year…

The deadline to join us in

Illumination :: the Mastermind :: Dance and Desire

is upon us — December 20th…

we start our delicious six month journey January 7th, 2018!

We are a small group and I have room for a few more women who are having the calling to finally get support and are ready to go for it!

Let me ask you one thing.

If you were to be in the same place you are now, in six months, how would you feel?

I want to support you, I want to see you step up and feel so good about the life you are living! I have the tools, I will help you gain clarity. This coaching program will bring you the support and inspiration, plus the M.A.P. — my Magic Action Plans– to finally DO what you’ve been dreaming of!

Join us for Illumination :: my intimate women’s gathering and group coaching program, for six months of support, tools, encouragement, coaching, inspiration, a bit of woo, and attracting what you are desiring! Let’s do this together! And see what you can bring into your life in six short months!

Ready to sign up…Register here!

Honor yourself, your desires, your life!

  • If you are feeling the call to step up bigger and fuller and stronger into your desires
  • if you are ready to make more money to live the life you want
  • if you are feeling the readiness for fulfillment in your business or personal  dreams, and living full on into your badassness
  • if you are ready to take the time to listen to your heart and soul 
  • if you are ready to take ACTION

Change is on the horizon!

Six months — let’s do this thing together… I’ve got you…

Read more about the monthly breakdowns, the weekly inspirations, the coaching calls, and more… here!

Want to talk with me to see if this is the time and place for you… book here to chat! I’d love to find out what you are desiring!

Ready to sign up…Register here!

I am so excited to have this group offering for you… join me…and us and get yourself Illuminated!

so much gratitude for you,

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