What are you waiting for? What is stopping you, hindering your decision? From stepping into your zone of genius?

I ask because I know how it feels to stop myself, to not allow the unfolding, to put up those self-imposed blocks, to not move forward into what I so desperately am desiring.  I used to do that myself. When you feel that ache, that longing for something else, you know it is there waiting for you, you can’t quite describe it, that feeling, but you just know…

I pulled the plug, I was done. No more bullshit, I knew it was my time, time to own my life and make it bigger, richer, juicier, to quit with the self-sabotage, to desire to make more money, to try something different. Scary? Maybe… but if I did not do it now, when would I? I had those mental barriers, and yes, they were self-imposed. “I can’t, I’m not worth it, I don’t know how, I’m okay where I am, I don’t have enough money, etc, etc…”

Well, isn’t’ that just the shit? I would not be where I am now if I did not take those first steps, to ask for guidance, to allow myself to open up and recieve and envision what I could truly be, all that I wanted. I was ready to live big and happy and abundant! You know what I mean?

Just the other day, I had a woman write me, ” I want/need a big kick-ass juicy passionate life!  I’ve played it safe for so long. . . made myself small in so many ways and I am ready to elevate my BRAVE!  I want to ignite my passion for life, loving others well & loving myself well! ” 

And she signed up for Illumination, the Mastermind. She is ready to take her life to the next level, and the next…with us, for six action-packed months… and that’s what I guide you to do in this group!

Can you hear your voice in her words? Are you ready?

Are you wanting to join us for Illumination? Today is your deadline for registration… get registered today! Starts January 7th!

If, in six months, you were in the same place you are today, would you feel great?  Would you feel excited, sexy, prosperous, rich, joyful? Probably not… Yet, you know you can go after what you desire and get it? That you can live full on? Yes, you can! It is your choice, your decision…

That is what being in this Mastermind is all about. Making a Magic Action Plan, gaining clarity, gathering tools, making your life happen on your terms, how you envision it and even better! Attracting, allowing, receiving… oh yes, the good stuff…and with a supportive circle to inspire and encourage you, with coaching from me, with questions and tools to help you step into your zone of genius…

How about you?

Are you ready to join us for Illumination :: Dance and Desire:: The Mastermind? Now is your time…

Read more here and get registered today! Starts January 7th!

I’ve had several Facebook Live chats about our SoulGoals for 2018, and what you want to manifest for yourself in the new year! And talks about being in a Mastermind group–all the benefits and support you get from me and your fellow Illuminators!!! Go here to view...

~~~Questions? Schedule time to talk with me to see if this is right for you!

I do hope you can join our small intimate circle to get your shine on for next year! Please let me know how I can best support you!

Get registered today! Starts January 7th!

And you know, whether this is not right for you or not, no worries, I am just glad you are here with me, part of our global tribe,  and I wish you the best holiday season ever,

with so much gratitude,



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