Helloooo, greetings from icy Portland! Just a few days after Christmas and gearing up for the New Years’s Weekend! 

I hope your holidays have been superb so far and may they continue to be a beautiful cause for celebration, of all that we have and love!

I’m excited to share with you the re-opening of registration for Illumination :: the Mastermind! YES!

Some of you asked to sign up after the Christmas bustle, and I totally get that, lots going on, not sure about holiday moneys, etc…

BUT now it’s time to think about YOU, and what you want for yourself, your life, your biz, your relationships in the new year… 2018 goals with soul, envisioning all that you can become and step up into, getting that clarity for your desires,  and taking ACTION! 

That’s what this Mastermind is all about — guiding that light to help you move forward! Tools, calendars, coaching, sharing, searching, the deep dive, the release of all those limiting beliefs and what is holding you back, so that you can open your heart to let go, to allow, to receive, to take that big leap, find your zone of genius, make more money, and follow your dreams!

Are you a creative woman who is tired of putting your dreams last

sick of feeling overwhelmed,

frustrated with not making enough money,

and done with settling?

Do you feel that ache inside your heart, that longing, you’ve had for a long time?

Illumination :: the Mastermind! Our upcoming women’s group is for you if you are ready to unfold into your desires, to listen to that ache and dive in deep. You want to commit to yourself to live to your fullest potential.

Read more and register now! I have three spots left and if this is what you are wanting, if this is YOUR time, let’s get you signed up and ready to start with us next week… a small circle of bad ass women who are ready to be illuminated! 

We start January 7th! and Yes, there is a payment plan option…just ask! This is for you….

Have questions about this? I am happy to have a phone consult with you to answer and help you decide if this is for you…

Now is your time!

And may your New Year be full of light and love, wondering and wandering, abundance, joy, and all you are !

many thanks for being here with me,





A little bit more!
If, in six months, you were in the same place you are today, would you feel great? 
Would you feel excited, sexy, prosperous, rich, joyful?  You know you can go after what you desire and get it? That you can live full on? Yes, you can! It is your choice, your decision…

That is what being in this Mastermind is all about. Making a Magic Action Plan, gaining clarity, gathering tools, making your life happen on your terms, how you envision it and even better! Attracting, allowing, receiving… oh yes, the good stuff…and with a supportive circle to inspire and encourage you, with coaching from me, with questions and tools to help you step into your zone of genius…

Read more here and get registered today! Starts January 7th!

I’ve had several Facebook Live chats about our SoulGoals for 2018, and what you want to manifest for yourself in the new year! And talks about being in a Mastermind group–all the benefits and support you get from me and your fellow Illuminators!!! Go here to view...

~~~Questions? Schedule time to talk with me to see if this is right for you!

I do hope you can join our small intimate circle to get your shine on for next year! Please let me know how I can best support you!

Get registered today! Starts January 7th!

Please share this with anyone who may want to join us!
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