Heart and Hustle today, with guest Madeleine Craig!

Hello movers and shakers! Join us today for another episode of Heart and Hustle! With me is my guest, Madeleine Craig…a healing coach whose specialty vision is working with families of addicts… she comes to this work from healing herself from her own family crisis and is passionate about reaching out and sharing her gifts to help families in need… a profound calling and one that is desperately needed…

She shares her experiences with us, sometimes hard to hear, but brings light to a dark subject… so have a listen to how Madeleine is helping to change the world…

Watch here

And I’m so thrilled– this is episode #24! I have done 24 interviews this year since starting in January! Reached my goal, and brought amazing visionaries to you, my friends! Do let me know how any of these have touched you, inspired you, changed you. I love to know what you get from these interviews, and who you would like to see me interview as well…

I am looking forward to an exciting 2018, full of more sharing and inspiration…and YOU!

Many thanks for being here….

More about Madeleine:
Madeleine Craig is an experienced educator and professionally trained life coach who provides families struggling with a loved one’s substance use with the knowledge, tools, and support they need to sanely navigate the crazy-making situations, heal their own pain, and increase the chances their loved one will choose positive change and recovery.
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