Happy New Year, and today is January 2nd! Wow… how did you do over the holidays?

Are you energized or exhausted?

Are you excited about the new year or having a moment of dread?

Are you feeling in total alignment or out of whack?

This time of year it’s easy for any of those feelings to rear up and scare us or burst out and shine our light!

Last week on my Heart and Hustle Facebook Live, I talked about how to get your groove back during and after the holidays! ( Missed it? You can view it here!)

Today I will be talking more about the and Rebalancing ( Tuesdays at 11 :00 am PST, here–Join our conversation!)

After all the hoo ha of the all the holiday gatherings and celebrations, or maybe you had none at all, the first of the year can bring up many feelings. And yes, we have a choice to feel how we want to feel and to turn dread into excitement, feeling out of whack to getting back into our groove. We can decide how we want to feel, and what we want to do about it. Right?

To restore and rebalance ourselves after too much or too little, or even just enough holidays, and to prepare and envision the new year–yes, sometimes we need to refocus and prioritize what is most desirable for us!

To take time out to find our balance, and then go after what we truly want. The ultimate in self-care and self-love! Often we need some outside guidance to find that focus, to give ourselves the gift of time, planning and with some special magic thrown in 🙂 !

To break down our walls, our barriers, to deconstruct our box! To allow ourselves the opportunity to finally go after what we’ve been aching for, to get clarity on our life’s purpose, to stand up for our heart and souls wishes, and to get an accountability partner to keep us on track.

Woo hoo, that’s what I do for you, as your coach! To move your forward, to help you define with clarity your dreams, and then the steps ( magic action plan!) to make them happen, NOW! Not next year…( know what I’m talking about ?!)

As we kick off the new year, there are THREE ways you can work with me! Time to make your life what you want it to be, so you can feel freakin awesome!

Illumination :: The Mastermind group  — I am so excited about offering this for the first time online! This is our small online gathering of creative women, who are choosing to take action and step up into what they are truly desiring, with group and one-on-one coaching with me and weekly inspirations, plus our circle of support! This is a six month program , and I have room for three more women… it starts January 7th! JOIN us here…

Movement, Momentum, and Magic This is one on one coaching with me for (at least) three months! Taking fast action, we meet online 3 times a month for 3 months, get your clarity and get you moving! Schedule in wtih me now!

Dance and Desire :: the Heart and the Hustle :: NEW online course — this is my four week online, DIY course…feel the magic! This is a body and soul retreat for you to do from the comfort of your home…Time to get out of your box and try something new and different and get reacquainted with your bad ass self! Get this here…

AND, if you aren’t sure, you can schedule in a FREE call with me, your Magic Mojo Discovery Session, so I can answer your questions and see if any of these possibilities are right for you! I’d love to talk with you and help you find what you are wanting right now…

So, join me on Heart and Hustle Live today at 11 am PST!

and if you are ready to break down your walls, let’s have that Discovery Session and see what you are wanting, and get you registered for some powerful coaching with me!

I wish you the greatest 2018, I am so grateful to have you here with me!

Blessings and peace, my friends,

Photo by Erica J Mitchell

***Breaking Down the Walls is my just released poetry book! woohoo…available now as a pdf download, and soon to be on Amazon… Check it out here…

and please pass this on to someone who may need to read it! Thank you…

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