I don’t know about you, but I am pretty much a self-help junkie, mostly because I have an insatiable curiosity, about you, about life, about what everyone else is doing, and about knowing what I can do to help. Almost voyeuristic! I love getting excited about other stuff, stuff I don’t know, stuff I can incorporate into my own being, and mostly just to cheer you on to what you are doing and what you are capable of. And to be the Tribal Hostess, getting you connected with what and who you are wanting and needing. That is super thrilling for me, to see the magic that others create and bring on for themselves to expand, into their own glory!

And I love to take you with me! On word trips, like my poetry life shorts, on dance travels around the globe, and in my coaching practice so you can be the best version of yourself, too, and live up to your dreams!

No time for mediocrity, right? Time to claim your superpowers and live the way you’ve been wanting, your lifestyle, with your skills and desires and visions, and even childhood dreams.

Hell, when I was a kid, all I did was read Nancy Drew mysteries, and dance… and expand that just a bit to my life now, and that’s what I still love to do. Although I’ve graduated from the Miss Drew series, to the Janet Evanovich, Jana DeLeon, J.A, Jance, series ( amongst a few trillion others)! And writing my own…and dance, did I mention dance? Can’t tie me down is all I can say about that. And I’ve built those childhood dreams and desires into bigger and better pictures, starting a global dance empire, dancing and teaching for a living (yep my hips have been my money makers for years), writing and publishing several genres of books and blogs and articles, and coaching to share the expertise of life’s journeys to guide you on your path too.

As we dive into 2018, I sit on my floor by the fire, surrounded my notebooks and journals and my laptop, along with my cat and dog, and either a cup of coffee or a glass of wine, these last few days, vision questing, journaling, planning, dreaming, scheduling, calendaring, reflecting, and planning, I LOVE this stuff! Clarity for my body, my mind and my soul. And keeping myself accountable…

And I always have a word or three for the year… this year it is Easy Flow…how about you? Have you decided on a theme, a value, a word for yourself for the year? I want to expand with ease and allow the natural flow of my energy, my rhythm, to feel my alignment with my truth, to feel at ease in my body, and truly feel the powerful beauty of my flow, in my work, my pleasure, my loves, my life!

So I continue to bring you the best version of me, as your friend, mentor, coach, teacher, student…it’s what I do!

Illumination… to live lit up!

And if you are ready to step fuller into yourself, and you want some collaboration, support, guidance, AND you are willing to commit to your biggest, fullest, most successful and loving self, you might want to join me in our six-month mastermind coming up, starting this weekend, January 7th!!!

I still have only a few spots available, as we are an intimate group of women, badasses, if you will, ready and willing to commit to living full-on, taking the big leap to get to your own zone of genius, and finally do those “things” that have been aching inside your heart to be let out. Just like my new poetry book, Breaking Down the Walls... time to bust out my friends, and go full force.

Read more here…

That’s what I’m here for! Join us, or schedule a quick phone chat with me, your Magic Mojo Discovery Session, to see if this is right for you and me to work together, for our greatest good!

Register here for Illumination! Six months… you’ve got this!

See you soon my friends,

and the best to your growth and happiness, always…

Photo by Erica J Mitchell






Last week on my Heart and Hustle Facebook Live, I talked about how to get your groove back during and after the holidays! ( Missed it? You can view it here!)

This week I talked Rebalancing (Tuesdays at  11 :00 am PST, here–Join our conversation!)

***Breaking Down the Walls is my just released poetry book! woohoo…available now as a pdf download, and soon to be on Amazon… Check it out here…

Please share this with anyone who may want to join us!
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