Heart and Hustle: Visionary Healers, Movers, and Shakers

with Paulette Rees-Denis,

and guest Katherine Johnson

Hello and wow!!! What a deep and important, and fun, interview I had with our guest today, Katherine Johnson...  from wardrobe consultant to image maker, to soul identifier, Katherine brings it all to guide you to be the most authentic you, truly you, to reveal yourself with confidence and grace and truth. We talked about how we present ourselves to the world, first impressions, how important they can be for a solo entrepreneur, and how to truly walk in your own glory!

Love this…juicy and getting down to the core, right? How do YOU present yourself to the world? Do you hide behind your clothes or do your clothes reflect what you offer to the world? Ahhh… so good…

Enjoy our conversation, let us know what you think, add your comments. PLUS Katherine has a gift to give you if you click on the link below…

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Now, let’s get to the conversation! Watch here…

And don’t forget to click on her free gift… how beautifully generous of her to share even more with us!

And now my friends, go look at your closet! Got anything to get rid of? Or put on with a Hell Yes?

Thanks again for being here and giving us a listen…

see you soon,



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More about Katherine…

Focused on teaching people how to decipher the unconscious messages
broadcast through their presence, Katherine unlocks the psychology of
our appearance to teach why how you look creates the filter through
which everything you say and do is evaluated.
Earning her undergraduate degree from Princeton University, her
graduate degree from Lewis & Clark College and competing as a
professional squash player, Katherine draws on social psychology,
competitive athletics and storytelling to inspire you to show up
powerfully in all areas of your life with confidence, authenticity and
courage. With grace, humor and a passion for connection, Katherine
inspires you to change the world by being yourself.


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