Lynea Gillen and Paulette talk about the upcoming

Women’s Retreat:

Dance and Desire: Transitions!

Yesterday I shared an interview with one of our facilitators, Jennifer Strait, and what she brings to our magical and femininely powerful retreat!. She is a shamanic healer and if you missed that interview you can view it here

Today Lynea Gillen joins us! Many of you have met her before, either in person or as one of my Heart and Hustle interviewees! We’ve been teaching together for over twelve years, blending our traditions of dance and healing, in a super fun, energetic, and healing mode.

LIsten and watch as Lynea gives some info on her extensive background and what she brings to the retreat. You know what you will dance away with! A sense of connection, community, and listening to the body in so many different ways… allowing for your transitions, with tools for your toolbox!

Remember this retreat is for YOU, to connect with your divine, move your body, listen to your heart and soul and get actionable steps to live bigger and fuller…oh, and so much more the weekend offers… time for yourself, to quest, relax, soak, journey, laugh, dance, heal, write, and enjoy this special magical rustic retreat space in the mountains of Detroit, OR!

Listen to our conversation about Lynea’s dance, yoga, and healing work that she offers you on our weekend of Transition!

Join us for


Dance and Desire:  Transitions

A four-day movement and writing journey

With Paulette Rees-Denis, Lynea Gillen, Jennifer Strait,

and Vanessa Couto

at Breitenbush Hot Springs, Detroit, OR, April 26-29th, 2018… 

This retreat is four glorious days full of creative feminine expression, we step up more fully into our selves, making transitions into what can be… full on! We play and pray with movement, yoga and healing, journaling, Shamanic Circling, Tribal Grooves, African dance, and Astrological wisdom. We include working with the moon through transitions, divine self-care practices and moving meditations–the desire of deep diving into your heart, body, and soul…thriving on magical time taken for yourself!

Includes time for massages, soaking in spring fed hot pools in the meadow, walking the labyrinth, watching the rapid river surrounded by beautiful deep woods, staying in rustic cabins with all delicious vegetarian meals cooked for you.

With words and movement, reverence and release, we learn tools for transitions as we move forward, infusing and anointing ourselves with the magic of dreaming and desires.

We dance daily ceremony with sweaty wild abandon and sacred feminine sensuality,  vision questing and vision boarding, plus journaling into spaciousness and clarity, ripe with the gift of transition!

Are you ready to give this weekend, this retreat to yourself?



Will you join us? Take this time for you, gather your dreams, get your tools, renew and refresh yourself at this amazing retreat weekend!


Questions? Email Paulette,

and coming up next week Vanessa Couto! Learn more about this woman’s amazing art and astrological wisdom!

Thanks for being here,

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