Creativity and the results!

And Happy Love Day to you my friends!

What I love most about my work is the creative aspect! So much is based on improvisation, just like the theory behind Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance®. Dancing and creating in the moment with a learned language.

If you can improv, you can change the world!

Problem solving often, asking questions of desires, designing helpful tools and inspired gifts, choreographing and making patterns, perfect timing, as well as pure divination and downloading from the universe! That’s my creative process. Allowing the flow, tapping into the excitement, the energy, and my intuitive guidance system… allowing the flow! Truly tuning in, listening, and of course action… because action equals results!

I can even get too creative and create myself into a jumbled pile of to-do’s! Ever feel like that? So many want to do’s, and not enough time! Ha, I do need to be mindful of that, back off and observe, let go of what is not working, and listen to my body too, for what feels right on, or what feels just “off”...know that feeling…the body knows!

All of my life I’ve been creating, as have you. Depends on how you look at what you do! Creating outfits to wear everyday, cooking a meal, writing a poem or a song, having a conversation…it’s all creation… as you are creating your life…and how awesome is that when you look at your life that way! Design it the way you want it…yehaw!

I love to create for myself, like a beautiful time of self -care and self-love! The best thing you can do for yourself. For me that is like writing my poetry, or my life shorts as I call them! That is when I give myself time to sit and write, observe and listen, when my hand moves without me thinking too hard, and an idea blossoms… that is a brief moment of ecstasy. And from all the life shorts came the idea to publish a poetry book, because that is my gift to you, my friends and readers. After a few years of writing this particular series of poems, after actually declaring myself a poet ( I came out!), I wanted to have my book finished by the end of last year, and with my fabulous designer, Jason Storey, we finished up on Christmas Eve! Woo hoo, I did it… a goal, a dream, a creation! And I’m thrilled I get to share that book with you…

See below on how you can get your copy! 🙂

And I also design other creations, like my online classes, or my Dance and Desire retreats, or my coaching packages and mastermind group! Plus co-working and co-creating with others too-which I absolutely adore, is when I act as director, publisher, and motivator, teaching and guiding my  assistants to create too, most recently helping Deirdre Macdonald to make her first two online GC dance classes for you (Dancing with a Basket, see below!) How richly rewarding for me as the director and the mama to pass on this knowledge and the skills I’ve acquired over the years, to bring you even more delicious goodness, in to many shapes and forms! And to see my trained dancers bloom more into their skill set and creativity!

To share these with you these gifts or products, to inspire you to grow and blossom as well, these are all made, created, designed, with love, for you to have more adventure, fun, guidance, and to help you live an even fuller life!

So tap into your creative spirit and allow your light to shine, my friends…

Thanks so much for being here with me!




So here are just a few of the latest offerings! Enjoy what feeds your soul, mind, and body… with love on the Valentine’s Day!

Breaking Down the Walls, My Life Shorts, by Paulette Rees-Denis

The newest addition to our online classes! Dancing with Baskets, part 2 with Deirdre Macdonald and guest Melanie Swisher!

And don’t forget about all the other new ones that came out last fall! 🙂

Dance and Desire —our annual women’s retreat! Today is the last day to register! Read more here…

Working with you would be my honor. My passion lies in guiding you towards your clarity and fulfillment, and being witness to see you soar! Take advantage of your free Magic Mojo Discovery Session, a 20 minute consult with me, and get any questions answered!

And watch tomorrow for the latest episode of Heart and Hustle: Visionary Healers, Movers, and Shakers, with guest Sirena Pellarollo! Woo hoo

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