Hello friends, we are kicking into spring here in Portland, and that feels good on so many levels. And I’m reaching out to you…

It’s time! What are you desiring? Movement, Momentum, and Magic! Find out more about coaching with me, and schedule in the free Magic Mojo Breakthrough session with me, see below! 

And here is a Life Short to share with you, this time of year makes me excited to get moving…

Spring to me is

Being born, from the womb of dirt and rock

The freshness in the air, coming alive,

Oh my god, I feel the dew

The juice from the womb combining

And the bursting open is the rising up,

Taking a stand, as if picketing for the sun

Back not so long ago, the planting seeds of dreams,

My dreams

Uncovering and being connected to the earth

Digging in the soil to unfurl

Like the fern, unrolling,

like the pod popping open,

the shell cracking from the pecking

The desire for making space and

To take up space

To know the importance of what I want

Only me, mine, special it is

As in the growth that is coming

The expansion of that vision

The role playing uniqueness of one, and then

The naming

Oh for so much clarity to come through

The belief in the vision

The pounding of the wanting

You know, when you feel it in your chest

And your heart beating so fast and

You know, finally, that you do know

Wanting that self-sufficiency

To be fed from my own hands

To grow from the garden, within

To the forefront, to be seen and loved and

Ah, so beautiful and delicious

That abundance of living

Water flowing, from a trickle to a waterfall

Producing the drips and the drops and the blast of intention



Then showing up and showing face,

no apologies, with the follow through,

Because I can, still

growing stronger, from being fertile,

feeling the power of the conception

To the inception

weeding out the unwanted

Feeling for the flourishing, the nourishing

The nurturing of the desires

uncovering and being connected

To what is calling me, from me

Thank you for reading that! Fresh out of my fingertips…

This last week has seen me on FB Live, spreading the idea of categories of our lives, and the roles we play. If you haven’t caught these great conversations on

Heart and Hustle Live, every Tuesday at 11 am PST, you can catch up here…

Naming, delineating, focusing, shifting, defining my roles both in my personal life and in my business life. This really helps me because of the three main businesses I run, I need to know the ins and outs, the roles I play for each part, what are the parts, what are the outcomes, and why do I want that. Then I make the plans, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly.

Wanting to move forward with my visions and dreams, this clarity and energy takes control and helps push me when I still feel the sluggishness of springtime chill. To envision what my changes are, to deep down know the reasons why, and the desired outcome, then I can make the plan, my MAP–Magic Action Plan–to move forward to have a clearer vision. Like I do my clients, I too, make my plans, changes. I too want constant change and growth and expansion. And the excitement and energy that comes with the clarity and the growth

How are YOU doing so far this year?

Are you feeling fulfilled?

What is it?

Feeling overwhelmed? Stuck?

Which first step to take?

Stagnant in your body?

Wanting to start that business dream?

Wanting more money?

What is it, my friend?

Connect with your desires! Are you ready to receive some guidance and get get tools and make that Magic Action Plan! Start with a free 20 minute consult, a Magic Mojo Breakthrough Session, with me, to see what you are wanting and how I can support you to get you moving forward.

**Click here to book that Magic Mojo Breakthrough Session with me now. Let’s see how I can support you!

Thoughts become words become things!

In the work I do with you as your Transformational Lifestyle Coach and your movement motivator, I bring journaling and moving into our sessions. Asking those questions and giving you tools so you bring back that awareness to your deeper self, to feel it in your body, and gain clarity! Then you release what you don’t need anymore, let go of limiting beliefs that are holding you back, and go after what you truly desire. Oh yes, can you feel that? Feel the power in your body! Imagine three months working with me and see what how quickly you gain clarity and take action!

Take the big leap forward…

Let’s bring your desires to the forefront. Take a deep dive into your heart and body, into your dreams, your work, your relationship with yourself. This is powerful stuff!

While we are talking about YOU, many of you don’t take the time to celebrate and honor yourself, for the little things as well as the big things. But dang, you are so worth it, stand up and say Hell yeah, I did that, and then feel what that feels like. Maybe it was something you were putting off, maybe something you thought was small change, maybe it was something you had a big fear of doing! When you stand up and own it, there is nothing like that feeling of accomplishment, of heart opening congratulations, of even being able to tick something off your list! Ahhh, fulfillment!

**Click here to book that Magic Mojo Breakthrough Session with me now. Let’s see how I can support you!

So glad you are here! Celebrate yourself and enjoy your weekend loves…




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