Organizing your desires!

Hey friends!

It’s almost summer and I’m inspired to make a few changes to what and how I gather you up!

I’ve changed the name of this blog several times over the years! Through printed paper ‘zines and weekly newsletters and monthly blogs, it’s been called Tribal Travels, Caravan Trails, Paulette’s Musings, and probably a few other things! What comes to mind for me now, as I write, is that this (as always) is a blend of inspiration, coaching, movement, interviews, artwork, and Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance ®, retreats and festivals, and even some poetry…always a quest for knowledge, expansion, workouts and dance classes. Right? Like the yearly Tribal Quest Summit!

So the new name of this blog is the quest!

Makes perfect sense! Love it… and as always, I’m glad you are here to share the journey with me and all of us around the globe… how cool is that?

This week, on my FB Live, Heart and Hustle Live, and also in my Dance and Desire group, we are talking about getting out of overwhelm, getting out of being stuck and not being able to move forward with our desires. Watch here!

I shared some tools to open up your eyes, start to gain momentum and get CLARITY on the to-do lists and the desires… the importance and priority of those action items, and what is your purposes for doing some of those items…  

First, we have compiled the piles! Do you know what I mean? Are you a pile maker? I sure can be, especially after being on the road so much this late winter and spring… So it’s a bit like spring cleaning my to-do and desire lists! Gathering, organizing, and really seeing why I do the things I do, or want to do! And letting go of some of that old stuff I had on the list.

And that brings Clarity and FREEDOM! Whew… and that is my deepest desire, to feel free, to see clearly and have beautiful momentum on all that I desire to do, for work and pleasure!

Sounds good, right? Check out my live post from this week if you did not see it yet. I give you some tools and steps to gather up your piles of lists and get inspired for action! Yahoo… it’s time to spring forward and get your mojo working! (I even cleaned off my desk and rearranged my bookshelf!)

What are you bringing to the world? What is on your delicious bucket list? And what can go bye-bye now?

Next week I can’t wait to tell you about the book I’ve been reading by my friend super magical author,  T. Thorn Coyle, called Sigil Magic, 

and more news about next year’s Dance and Desire retreat!! Oh my…. manifesting over here… 🙂!

Thanks again, for being here on this journey and for sharing your journey too!




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