Heart and Hustle with vegan author, guest Beth Love, Episode #35

Happy Fun Friday peeps….

I am delighted to introduce you all to the beautiful woman, Beth Love!

What ‘cha gonna do today? After listening to my latest H&H episode, of course? Go cook some good food and contemplate our conversation, right? Food with Love! Gotta love that…

Such important work in the world, Beth is doing, and sharing, with love! Beth is rockin’ it!

We talk food love, listening to our hearts, movies to view, books to read, and more about food, our health, our earth, sustainability of the planet, and what goes on behind food production doors..whoa…..and lots of stuff you don’t know that you need to…

plus business niches and tidbits!

View our conversation (or listen on iTunes or SoundCloud)

What do you think friends?  Makes you think quite a bit about the foods and what we think we are eating… I love this…

Sensational Salads to Cool the Earth... that’s the book Beth put out… 

And Beth says to you: 

I would like to offer your viewers a Tastes Like Love recipe sampler. They can request it when signing up on my website.

Go to Beth’s website and hit the “Subscribe” button near the upper left. Fill out the form. 


Beth is offering a free Vibrant Food, Vibrant Life coaching session, a $200 value. Contact her through the website! http://tasteslikelove.com

Share your comments below…

I appreciate all of you for being here, and sharing our journey together… and have a great weekend…



**More about Beth…

Rev. Chef Beth Love is the author of the Tastes Like Love book series. She has been studying about and preparing whole foods since the early 1970s, with a focus in the last two decades on the healing power of a plant-based lifestyle. She has supported hundreds of individuals, families, and groups through transformational processes. A gifted speaker, facilitator, teacher, and ordained minister, Beth has motivated and educated people in diverse contexts such as nonprofit organizations, schools, churches, businesses, and the California State Prison system. She has inspired large and small audiences, in-person and through radio and television, from local community TV to the Oprah show. Beth Love delights in supporting people to create amazingly delicious and deeply satisfying foods that please the palate, nourish the body, demonstrate compassion for animals, and have a light footprint on the earth.
Link to current event schedule: http://chefbethlove.eventbrite.com
Tastes Like Love on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/vegantasteslikelove/

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