Happy Solstice! And let’s talk about bringing everyday magic into our lives…

What do you want to bring into your world next as this season of summer comes upon us (or winter down under!)?

I’m excited to bring several new things into my life and my work to share with you…

As I have gone into deeper rest and relaxation this last week or two, with more self-care and more self-compassion, to heal through my lower back injury and minor surgery this coming week…I have opened up space within myself that I have not felt for years. Whoa…and I am loving this!

Peace, beauty, sensualness, and more gratitude, in such a deeper way. More clarity. More creative energy! Giving myself, even more, time and space and quiet to be still, to be with myself, to listen… and that has led to more inspiration, downloads, and answers to how I can best bring my gifts to you, to share with you, to become the best leader that I can be. Through all that I do, write, coach, dance, love, and open up our community to even more beauty and power and strength and abundance!

Today, I wanted to talk a bit about how you can create and bring in beauty and magic into your everyday. As I talked about on my Heart and Hustle Live this past Tuesday…

But first, NEWS!

Some of you have been wanting to do some coaching with me, and have asked for a month-long laser-focused coaching package! Well, July brings that to you… woo hoo…

And I what I want to offer to you…

Magical Laser-Focused Coaching!

Get clarity, you know what you are wanting,

so let’s MAP (Magic Action Plan) it out so you can take fast action,

make those changes,

follow your heart and step up into that life you desire!

Four weeks, four sessions with me!

** What this means is I have more choices to offer you when you want to work with me.

But first, if you are not familiar with how coaching works, or with me, let’s get you a free Magic Mojo Discovery Session to see if this is your time and to connect with me so we can be sure of a good fit for coaching! That’s a 20-30 minute phone call with me… here is the link! Get me on your calendar now!

Then you choose if you want Laser Focused fast action for one month, click here…

or my Get on Track 3 month plan!

:: Magic Action Plan:: Get on Track ::

Change your state, change your story, change your life!

Somethings take longer than others, so I find most of my clients really want at least 3 months if not longer to get all things in place!

Go here to read more!

And here to schedule right on in!

And this September!

***For the second time this year, I am opening up


Dance and Desire, the Mastermind,

This is my twice yearly, 6-month group coaching mastermind sessions! Starting September 15th…

Wow… imagine being part of a gathering of powerful creative women who want more clarity and more tools. Plus more support and more community,

Illuminate your life!

This will start in September for a small intimate group, and enrollment begins July 15th. There will be a few questions for you to answer before you put your deposit down because I want to be sure this is for you and you are really ready to step up and do the work, and connect with the community as we grow and network and build your dreams– a new career or job, making more money, changing  your mindset, being in the body that you desire, finding more everyday happiness, and building the life you dream of!

To find out what all this entails, read here…

Second NEWS!

San Miguel De Allende!!! Mexico!! Dance and Desire Retreat for April 2019!

Didn’t I mention to you that we would go someplace exotic next year for our annual retreat?

Have you ever been to the exquisite, colorful and art-filled town in Mexico — San Miguel De Allende?

A few hours outside of Mexico City for a four day weekend, let’s gather with a small intimate group of creative women, to dive into our juicy lives, step into to our life’s work with more passion, discovering what more you can have and do with your juicy lives. Again, clarity is key! Time to envision…With daily writing, movement, dance, discussion, and personal coaching sessions, and exploration of this amazing town, full of art and inspiration. Plus always, relaxation, downtime, and rest!  And food! 

And if enough women are interested, add one more day for Tribal Grooves Teacher Training!

Lots more info to come…

***Now, let’s get to our juicy topic of the week! Creating Everyday Magic!

This was this week’s topic on my FB live, Heart and Hustle Live, ( every Tuesday, usually 11 am (PST) –except it will be 10 am next week!).

How do you want to live every day? To live each day, lit up and full on, with clarity, purpose, energy, love, beauty, feeling great, and creating what you want so you can give what you have to offer! Making magic, creating energy around your desires. Bringing beauty and compassion and self-caring, and creativity around all that you do. And to feel freakin’ great, with total heart expansion, and in alignment with yourself. 

So…..How do you start your day?

Starting your day is your choice to bring in what you desire, to feel connected, to do your best work, to bring in abundance and purpose and pleasure. Over the last several years, I have expanded, in lectures, and with my students and clients, on morning practices, options, and the why’s of this importance.

Morning practices, rituals, routines, whatever you call it, for what you do each day… to begin anew…Your choice… either get up grumpy, sluggish, in a hurry, or take a moment or 60, to see your beautiful life and make it a day to remember!

I suggest some ideas, or all of these! To build a practice with, to set you and your day up for success, to feel great! And it really is making it a practice, to build a habit, to find what really resonates with you and works. You have to commit to yourself that that is what you want, and believe in your vision.

Think of this, when you sleep, you stop, you rest, and you get to start over again in the morning. To begin again, what do you do when you wake up?

Welcome in the day — good day to me!

Wake up with the best of intentions — it’s going to be superb and I am a badass!

Breathing slowly and deeply — hello beautiful….

Acknowledge yourself, and your superpowers….

Take some alone time, whether a few minutes or 15 or 30, to gather, quiet, and listen…

Pray, to whomever or whatever

Meditate, quiet, stillness, for you, to you, and your inner being, your higher self, god…listen…

Listen to guided visualizations/podcasts…to guide, assist, inspire

Reciting Mantras, repetition, invoking the goodness that you desire

Incantations, setting up powerful intentions in your mind and your body

Journaling, always, daily, to release, dump, and also to allow the flow…

Gratitude Practice, so much to be thankful for

Movement– stretching, yoga, walking, dancing, getting outside, get that body moving, with love and energy and wellness

Nutrition, water, a green juice, a delicious light but healthy breakfast, to energize.

And get on with your bad self! What do you want to do today?

Attention Energizes

Intention Transforms

Action = Results

These are lots of ideas, you don’t have to do all of these, but the three main focuses are meditation, journaling, and movement!

Give my podcast a listen too, from this week, here…

I also shared some ideas about my friend, and past dancing partner, the beautiful magical priestess, T. Thorn Coyle’s book (one of her many), Sigil Magic!

What is a sigil, but a symbol, a representation, to guide and assist you to bring in the energy of what you are wanting to create what you are desiring, whether it be as a writer, painter, dancer, etc…To feed your creative spirit, to set up more ideas of ritual, symbols, everyday creativity… this is a juicy book, full of easy action steps to set you up for connection with yourself, and creative success! Thorn, too, talks of every beginnings, rituals, to set up yourself and your day, so that you can live your potential and not get caught up in traps, ruts, old patterns. But to live big and bring your best self into fruition!  http://www.thorncoyle.com/store/books/


Other books along this line are ones I have recommended for eons to my students and clients…

The Artist’s Way, by Julia Cameron

The Creative Habit, by Twyla Tharp

So check them out and see how they speak to you. Let me know in the comments how you set up your day to create your own beautiful magic. And contact me if you are ready for some additional guidance and coaching…I would love to support you on your journey!

Always, peace,




But next week, June 26th, we will start at 10 am (PST)… hope you can join us!

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